The Trail Driver - Zane Grey

The Trail Driver

By Zane Grey

  • Release Date: 2015-08-04
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy


Published: 1935
Adam Brite -- Texas Joe Shipman -- Pan Handle Smith -- together with the biggest herd of cattle ever to travel the Chisholm Trail, they were going all the way from San Antonio to Dodge. They expected plenty of trouble. They got it...
"THAT hot summer day in June the Texas town of San Antonio was humming like a drowsy beehive. The year 1871 appeared destined to be the greatest for cattle-drives north since the first one inaugurated by Jesse Chisholm in 1868. During the Civil War cattle had multiplied on the vast Texas ranges by the hundreds of thousands. There was no market. Ranches were few and far between, and the inhabitants very poor. Chisholm conceived the daring idea of driving a herd north to find a market. Despite the interminable distance, the hardships and perils, his venture turned out a success. It changed the history of Texas".