Hleo - Rebecca Weller


By Rebecca Weller

  • Release Date: 2016-01-01
  • Genre: Paranormal


"Hleo is, without a doubt, one of the best YA fiction books I have ever read. I recommend it to readers who enjoy fast-paced action, adventure, humor and suspense in a romantic thriller." ~ Reader's Favorite

Who is Ethan Flynn and the secret society known as Hleo? High school senior Hannah Reed is about to find out in this exciting, young adult fantasy romance. The first book in the Hleo series.

Hannah’s plans for a nice, quiet senior year of high school are rapidly disintegrating. It all starts when she innocently bursts in on Ethan Flynn in the change room of the clothing store where she works. Ethan’s presence in Hannah’s world is subtle but constant, and when he saves her life, they become linked by the workings of an ancient society and Ethan’s sworn duty to protect Hannah. Working together to figure out what destiny wants with Hannah, the two of them stumble on a baffling mystery that leaves even Ethan questioning what is in store for her future. With Ethan’s help, Hannah learns there is far more to this life, to her life, than she ever realized. As they attempt to untangle Hannah’s unique past and emerging abilities, an unknown danger from Ethan’s past looms ever closer. While racing to put together the pieces of the puzzle before it’s too late, Hannah wrestles with the idea that she is anything but average, and that perhaps she is also more to Ethan than just a job.

Hleo; a story of destiny and how one decision can change everything.