Tom Clancy True Faith and Allegiance - Mark Greaney

Tom Clancy True Faith and Allegiance

By Mark Greaney

  • Release Date: 2016-12-06
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 656 Ratings)


The #1 New York Times–bestselling series is back with the most shocking revelation of all. After years of facing international threats, President Jack Ryan learns that the greatest dangers always come from within...

It begins with a family dinner in Princeton, New Jersey. After months at sea, U.S. Navy Commander Scott Hagan, captain of the USS James Greer, is on leave when he is attacked by an armed man in a crowded restaurant. Hagan is shot, but he manages to fight off the attacker. Though severely wounded, the gunman reveals he is a Russian whose brother was killed when his submarine was destroyed by Commander Hagan’s ship.

Hagan demands to know how the would-be assassin knew his exact location, but the man dies before he says more.

In the international arrivals section of Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport, a Canadian businessman puts his fingerprint on a reader while chatting pleasantly with the customs official. Seconds later he is shuffled off to interrogation. He is actually an American CIA operative who has made this trip into Iran more than a dozen times, but now the Iranians have his fingerprints and know who he is. He is now a prisoner of the Iranians.

As more deadly events involving American military and intelligence personnel follow, all over the globe, it becomes clear that there has been some kind of massive information breach and that a wide array of America’s most dangerous enemies have made a weapon of the stolen data. With U.S. intelligence agencies potentially compromised, it’s up to John Clark and the rest of The Campus to track the leak to its source.

Their investigation uncovers an unholy threat that has wormed its way into the heart of our nation. A danger that has set a clock ticking and can be stopped by only one man...President Jack Ryan.


  • Really good

    By Sargentpest
    Nice, detailed long read. Very good
  • True Faith

    By azherrfun
    Greaney's Clancy novel Commander in Chief was a pretty good effort. While maybe not Clancy in his prime it was better than Clancy at the end of his solo writing career. (Think Red Rabbit.) This effort by Greaney is sadly lacking in all aspects. I've come to expect more from this author. Hopefully his next effort in the series will be better. If not then maybe it's time to end the Jack Ryan story.
  • Great read!

    By jms1127
    I felt this was as good as any of Clancy's book. It was really hard to put down. Can't wait till the next one. Greeley does a great job.
  • Much improved

    By Bejjim
    Good to get a Clancy book that approaches the quality of the originals. Definitely a believable story with a strong finish. Much better than the last novel.
  • Fun read

    By e2photo
    Quick, action filled read and interesting story.
  • Tom Clancy True Faith and Allegiance

    By JPB 9871
    A really wonderful adventure story--- as good as anything Clancy did on his own.
  • Hitting a bit close to home

    By jlwatts1
    As I sat reading this book, the news was on TV and the anchor covered a story regarding the hacking of the federal employee database several years ago. The author has done a great job of playing out a scenario resulting from this type of hack and incorporating it into the world of Jack Ryan. Anyone with a Facebook account should read this book and immediately check their privacy settings. Great thriller!
  • True Faith and Allegiance

    By Chatwatt
    I love Mark Greaney's books. One thing bothered me about this one. Greaney emphasized that the President's daughter always had bodyguards, and that her boyfriend was having to adjust to having them ever present. Then in a key section, she had no bodyguards with her and her boyfriend. Strange!
  • Tom Clancy Lives!

    By Mr. Taadow
    Finally, a book that lives up to the Clancy standard. The descriptions, background knowledge while weaving together a believable and great story. Usually the ending of the books (post Clancy) always felt rushed. Not this time!A methodical ending that didn't feel rushed. I am satisfied and look to reading more! Rick