Jordan’s Return - Samantha Chase

Jordan’s Return

By Samantha Chase

  • Release Date: 2011-11-20
  • Genre: Contemporary
5 Score: 5 (From 7 Ratings)


For the first time in print, New York Times and USA Today bestseller Samantha Chase’s debut novel is a heartwarming story of second chances

All Jordan Manning wants is a quiet summer on the Virginia coast with her sons to recover from a near-fatal accident and an abusive relationship. Her plans to find a new direction for her future are turned upside down when she runs into the first man who ever broke her heart…and he’s determined to win it back.

Rob Tyler thought he’d moved on, but when fate drops a second chance with his first love right in his path, his feelings rush back stronger than ever. Rob is determined to give Jordan the future they should have had years ago, but making up for past mistakes isn’t easy…

Praise for Made for Us:
“Delightful with a touch of sadness…heartfelt, classic romance.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 _ stars, Top Pick
“Chase grabs readers by the heartstrings and reels them right in.” —Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW<


  • Wow!!! Loved it!!

    By SBart79
    Wow! One of my favorite reads this summer. Great characters, very likeable. Rekindling your first and learning to trust your heart again. Jordan has gone through so much, looking forward to some down time at the beach with her two sons. Not expecting to run into her first love, Rob. Rob made a terrible mistake years ago and he lost Jordan, his first love. Now with Jordan's return can they have what they use to have. Jordan's son help along the way with their match making skills. Highly recommend for your summer reading!! I received through netgalley for an honest review.
  • heart melting second chance romance

    By Tome Tender
    Jordan’s Return is a beachside story of a second chance at lost love. Jordan escapes to the Virginia coast to recuperate from a tragic accident caused by her abusive ex-husband. Where she runs into the man that broke her heart, Rob Tyler. Rob isn’t going to let this chance to rekindle a relationship is Jordan. But Jordan is having none of it and isn’t ready to let Rob back into her life especially now after the mistreatment she took from her ex. Misunderstandings and communication ends up becoming Jordan and Rob’s biggest obstacle. Charming and sweet Jordan’s Return is a heart melting second chance romance. I received this ARC copy of Jordan's Return from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for a honest review.
  • Fate

    By Shobeteener
    This book is amazing. In fact I liked it so much I read it straight through. Jordan was in terrible auto accident while riding in a vehicle driven by her ex-husband that almost ended her life. For six months following the accident her family has stepped in and taken care of both her and her boys. She has decided to take the boys on a months vacation close to the beach so they can regroup as a family and for her to gain some of her independence back. The author's description of Eric, Jordan's ex really made you see what type of life Jordan had lived with while married to him. Jordan is proving just how tough she is. She runs into her high school sweetheart and first love, Rob who lives there. I see it as fate. Neither one has gotten over the other one. Rob carries a lot of quilt because of his actions Jordan is the one that got away. Through Rob's interactions with her boys and herself Jordan is learning to trust and love again. There is just something about kids in a book that grabs me. Maybe it's because I was a single parent and reading a book like this gives you 'hope' for second chances and for a brighter future. The only thing I didn't like about Rob is that he at first didn't see or understand why Jordan was so hesitant about uprooting her family. Good thing these two have great sisters that knew their happily ever after was for them to be together. I received a copy of Jordan's Return in exchange for an honest review.
  • An heart touching story of Second Chance Love

    By Friday Night Brides
    I love second chance romances. Jordan’s Return has all that and more. Jordan finds herself finally free from her horrifying husband that controlled all aspects of Jordan’s life. After a near death car accident changes everything. Needing to be free of the house that holds to many bad memories Jordan decides what she and her sweet boys need is a much needed family vacation. Jordan hoped that in one months time she would have the answers to their future. There was one thing she did not plan on and that was a blast from her past; the one man who crushed her heart many moons ago. Rob believed his life was happy and complete. As a architect Rob owned his own successful business as well as co/running the restaurant that his grandfather had left to him after his death. Rob thought he had it all. That was until one voice took him back to high school and the one woman who held his heart even till this day. “Jordan”. Rob and Jordan stumble unexpectedly into each other, from that first meeting the air sizzled with passion. After a few bumpy patches in clearing the air after the years apart they both realized they still had feelings toward each other. The question is what to now that they open themselves up. Rob is a steamroller wanting everything now. Jordan is skittish after the mess of her first marriage is not ready for another. Can Rob and Jordan move pass all the unknowns to give those two boys and themselves what they all truly want? The best light-heart fun for me in Jordan’s Return is Jordan’s boys Joe and Jake captured my heart. Their connection with Rob had me cheering even more. Ms. Chase created such amazing memories for me with this family. I am hoping maybe, just maybe seeing them again in other books. The plot is heart touching, sexy with great family chemistry between all of the characters. The chance of love after so many miss givings, to have hope for two little boys who just jumps out and grabs you. Jordan’s Return will be a book I will recommend to my book club and anyone who enjoys romances with heart.