Four Unpublished Novels - Frank Herbert

Four Unpublished Novels

By Frank Herbert

  • Release Date: 2016-02-27
  • Genre: Adventure


Frank Herbert will forever be known as the “author of Dune,” the science fiction masterpiece that made his career and made his name. But he was an exceptionally diverse author who wrote in numerous genres. Even at the beginning of his writing career, Frank Herbert wrote whatever inspired him, irrespective of genre, market, or audience tastes. After the success of his first novel The Dragon in the Sea (1955), Herbert wrote numerous novels and short stories that failed to find a market. He persevered until finally, seven years later, he wrote the most unpublishable novel of all, Dune—which, once it finally found a home with an obscure publisher, made Frank Herbert a household name synonymous with science fiction. 

This volume collects four of those complete, never-before-published novels written before Dune: 
High-Opp, a dystopian science fiction novel; 
Angels’Fall, a jungle survival adventure; 
A Game of Authors, a Cold War thriller; and 
A Thorn in the Bush, a mainstream novel based on some of Herbert’s experiences in Mexico.

“For the first time this collection publishes many different genre short stories by the acclaimed author of the novel DUNE. It is a rarity that we get to see the many different types of tales the author wrote that until now were never published. Fans of Frank Herbert will love to discover these newfound treasures and will like this author even more than before.” — Gary Roen, Midwest Book Review