The Collapsing Empire - John Scalzi

The Collapsing Empire

By John Scalzi

  • Release Date: 2017-03-21
  • Genre: Science Fiction
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 758 Ratings)



“John Scalzi is the most entertaining, accessible writer working in SF today.” —Joe Hill, author of The Fireman

The first novel of a new space-opera sequence set in an all-new universe by the Hugo Award-winning, New York Times-bestselling author of Redshirts and Old Man's War

Our universe is ruled by physics. Faster than light travel is impossible—until the discovery of The Flow, an extradimensional field available at certain points in space-time, which can take us to other planets around other stars.

Riding The Flow, humanity spreads to innumerable other worlds. Earth is forgotten. A new empire arises, the Interdependency, based on the doctrine that no one human outpost can survive without the others. It’s a hedge against interstellar war—and, for the empire’s rulers, a system of control.

The Flow is eternal—but it’s not static. Just as a river changes course, The Flow changes as well. In rare cases, entire worlds have been cut off from the rest of humanity. When it’s discovered that the entire Flow is moving, possibly separating all human worlds from one another forever, three individuals—a scientist, a starship captain, and the emperox of the Interdependency—must race against time to discover what, if anything, can be salvaged from an interstellar empire on the brink of collapse.

"Fans of Game of Thrones and Dune will enjoy this bawdy, brutal, and brilliant political adventure" —Booklist on The Collapsing Empire

"Political plotting, plenty of snark, puzzle-solving, and a healthy dose of action...Scalzi continues to be almost insufferably good at his brand of fun but think-y sci-fi adventure." —Kirkus Reviews on The Collapsing Empire

“Scalzi is one of the slickest writers that SF has ever produced.” —The Wall Street Journal on The Human Division

The Interdependency Series
1. The Collapsing Empire
2. The Consuming Fire

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  • Just perfect!

    By mrworm
    If I have any complaints it's that I'm done with this series and I want more.
  • Collapsing Book

    By Davidqo
    While Scalzi’s writing is wonderful in all his books, this was WAY too short for the price. Additionally, his political tirade in the Acknowldegements smack of a child on the playground or a Hollywood loon.
  • It's 3:00 am, and I can't put it down.

    By Tiny1x6
    To be fair, I loved Old Mans War, Fuzzy Nation and a few other of John Scalzi's books. But this book is another level altogether. The word play, the relationships, the plot twists and turns had me searching for reasons to not watch baseball for more time on John's pages. Brilliant writing, intriguing story and fascinating characters; make this my favorite book in years. Looking forward to more on this series as soon as possible.
  • The Collapsing Empire

    By 51booker
    Good Read.
  • Eighty Percent Grade

    By Citizenstat
    Ordinarily, when I go back to read a Scalzi, or Niven, or Ringo work, it's to pick up a nugget of wisdom or literary elegance. For this work, it will to be sure I've got the plot straight. Not the same.
  • Reads like Scalzi, but...

    By Chris Fabri
    I liked this book. Seems like a good start to a new series. But 2 stars: 1. $13 for a 250 page book? That I know is going to be a series? I may stop here despite enjoying because I'm feeling a bit ripped off. 2. Apologize for the humblebrag, but I can't help feel like Scalzi just read the same set of other excellent sci-fi I've recently read: A dash of Simmon's "Endymion/Rise of Endymion", a bit of Hamilton's "Void" series, and more than a bit of Leckie's "Imperial Radch" series. Somehow I felt like a lot of the Scalzi creativity on the sci-fi side wasn't there. Still the excellent dialogue, character development, with his always enjoyable irreverence. But Scalzi has set a high bar, so I don't feel bad giving a 2 star review to a short book that kept reminding me of too many other books.
  • Excellent!

    By HexGhost
    Way better than anything he's written and up there with the best of space opera!
  • The Collapsing Empire

    By Ken Follet
    Scalzi is probably in the top three living sci-fi writers and this is his best work to date. It's the first in a multi volume work about a human empire (think Dune crossed with The Expanse universes). Excellent plot, terrific characters, funny and a real cliff hanger as well. Read it, you will be glad you did.
  • Typical brilliance

    By Bitter Arugula
    Scalzi nails it again. Tight writing, satisfying conclusion.
  • Delicious Intrigue

    By drgnbear
    Scallions has done it again. Engaging characters. Exciting plot