Double Dare - Rhonda Lee Carver

Double Dare

By Rhonda Lee Carver

  • Release Date: 2014-03-17
  • Genre: Suspense


Zoe has a problem and his name is Lieutenant Jagmeyer. Zoe Carmichael has one true love—work. But a satisfying career doesn’t sate her desire for steamy Lieutenant Jagmeyer, a career military firefighter. He’s as anti-relationship as she is, if not more. She sees in him the perfect opportunity for a night of bliss. Jag is given orders to protect the colonel’s daughter who’d received a death threat. He wasn’t into glorified babysitting, but up for a promotion, he’d bend this one time. Then he meets Azalea “Zoe” and he feels the seams of his career snapping one by one. Unless…he can keep his zipper up and his one-night stand with her a secret.

Zoe wants seconds. With Jag on her radar, she sets out to seduce him, only to find that he does more than tickle her fancy. When the walls start to fall at the speed of a jet, neither can resist the fiery temptation.

Is Jag willing to give up everything he’s worked for to allow Zoe in his heart? Will Zoe love a man who bleeds military colors?