Mathematics on Sale - Calculating Percentages - Ann Karina Broholm Kristiansen

Mathematics on Sale - Calculating Percentages

By Ann Karina Broholm Kristiansen

  • Release Date: 2017-01-26
  • Genre: Arithmetic


What do items cost on sale? How much money do you save? What did the item cost before the sale? What percentage do you save? How do you calculate sales tax?

In this book, you will be working on how to calculate percentages of the price of items, how to calculate the sales price if you know the percentage discount and how to calculate what percentage a sales price represents of the original price. In addition, you will working with sales tax and how much of the gross and net cost of an item it represents.

The tasks are based on concrete problems regarding sales, savings, sales prices, original prices and sales tax. Explanatory videos are included and many of the tasks set the stage for the students to produce explanations of their solutions by using images, text and sound.

The book is designed to be used at several levels of mathematics, from age 12 through adult education as well as interdisciplinary classes and project work.