Lost Love - Kelly Elliott

Lost Love

By Kelly Elliott

  • Release Date: 2017-06-27
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 779 Ratings)


Moving back home to my parents' cattle ranch in Texas was the last thing I thought I'd be doing.

But, here I stand … in front of my high school girlfriend. A beautiful, confident woman has replaced the young girl I once knew and loved. Hell. I'm still in love with her.

Yep. Paxton Monroe was my first love and the one girl in town who now hated my guts. So much so, Paxton swore her revenge on me if it took her until the day she died.  The last words she spoke to me were a vow to cut my dick off and shove it down my throat.

The fight between my heart, my head, and last, but certainly not least, my dick starts tonight. Because all I can think about is how I want to be buried so deep inside Paxton she won't remember how I broke her heart, or how I left her when she needed me the most.

But who will win? My heart is too broken to listen to my head. And my dick, yeah it's not listening to anything or anyone. Not until it gets what it wants and what it wants is Paxton Monroe.

Lost Love is book one in the Cowboys and Angels Series. Entire series now available! Reading order below. 

Lost Love - Book 1

Love Profound - Book 2

Tempting Love - Book 3

Love Again - Book 4

Blind Love - Book 5

This Love - Book 6

Reckless Love - Book 7


  • Lost love

    By just like to read
    Enjoyed everything about this book. All the characters made me laugh. Highly recommended this book. Have 4 brothers and the way they pick on each other was funny to see.
  • Great read!

    By DCC2001
    Heart strings were definitely pulled in this book. Great fast read! Looking forward to reading the other books in this series.
  • Despised it

    By straighttalker198
    The book had no conclusion! I was hoping to see the new family, birth of the son, Chloe getting a brother, and the birth of their first child together. “How is that you didn’t want our baby, yet you wanted the baby you had with a woman you didn’t even love?” Paxton asked the very question I was wondering! Steed literally rejected his own blood with the woman he claimed to love. Yet steed could accept a child with his wife he didn’t love! That is twisted, still don’t believe Paxton should forgive steed for all his unforgivable actions and sins.
  • Lost Love

    By LoveReads
    A romantic and sexy story that captures your attention and keeps it throughout! The Parker brothers are a group of men everyone will want to follow - I cannot wait to read each one of their stories and watch them be captured by true loves! The settings and events draw the reader in and will make every woman want to live in a small Texas town and find a cowboy of her own.
  • Lost love

    By 112950
    Enjoyed this book.
  • Love Lost-Kelly Elliot

    By Gokeygal341
    This book was amazing! Funny and sweet and absolutely breathtaking! I loved reading every second of it! Excited to read the rest of the series! I think I have found my new favorite author.
  • Lost love

    By Mag68
    By kelly Elliott What an amazing story! Absolutely need to read! Bookbub
  • Amazing

    By Mary c filion
    I loved this book from start to finish. I laughed, I cried, I cheered and held my breath through every major hurdle. The words leapt off the pages. I can’t wait to read the next one!
  • @michellesbookstoread2

    By Chellequickreader
    Steed... sexy, cowboy, gentlemen, wealthy ranch family, Texas, late 20’s... Paxton... beauty, sweet, kindhearted - high school loves meant to be together for eternity but an unexpected surprise caused them to react in a way that pushed them apart, Steed left Texas to attend Oregon and walk on to play football for four years... trying to get his heart and mind off of Paxton - after college he met Kim and unsuccessfully distracted himself, after a few life changing events he couldn’t leave Kim to make the decision to try and return home, ten years later life offered him the chance to return home and find his soul mate... Paxton... beautiful inside & out, and still holding her heart for Steed but not realizing how much... after graduating A&m she returned home to teach kindergarten and fulfill the many dreams she had made with Steed.. but doing it on her own... Texas, small town... family ranch... cowboys... southern traditions.. love... life... this story will have you smiling throughout the entire book, the characters are beautiful and you’ll enjoy getting to know each and everyone of them.. along with wanting to be apart of their family! Life is all about life changing moments and how you react to them... will one unexpected surprise cause Steed and Paxton to be apart forever or will they allow destiny to bring them together!
  • Love love love

    By Neviwonfebfbbd
    Definitely had me hooked, can't wait to read the other two already.. ❤️