Veridan - Rebecca Weller


By Rebecca Weller

  • Release Date: 2017-04-03
  • Genre: Paranormal


Hannah and Ethan are together; a real couple. If only they didn’t have to keep their feelings for each other a secret from everyone in their lives, for fear that the news of their forbidden relationship will get back to The Three. At the same time, they face another challenge – the quest to understand Hannah’s visions and what part they play in her status as a protected. Hannah is torn. She wants to solve the mystery, but struggles with the knowledge that, if they do, Ethan may be reassigned and the two of them separated forever. When an old enemy surfaces, putting  
someone close to Hannah in danger, Ethan realizes he will have to do something he has been trying to avoid, take Hannah to Veridan, the prestigious and luxurious headquarters of the Hleo, to confront The Three in person. As Ethan and Hannah delve further into the mystery of Hannah’s ability and her link to the world of the Hleo, they race to find the answers they seek before it’s too late for Hannah and everyone she loves. The exciting next chapter in the Hleo series.