Complicating - Noelle Adams & Samantha Chase


By Noelle Adams & Samantha Chase

  • Release Date: 2017-07-19
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 58 Ratings)


Forget all those other accidental pregnancy romances you might have read. 

Daisy and Carter don't have a one-night stand...because it's thirty minutes in a back room at a wedding reception. And Carter isn't a bad boy baby-daddy...except for the motorcycle, tattoos, and attitude. Daisy doesn't have the typical issues with her pregnancy...if you don't count the morning sickness, food cravings, and occasional horniness. And Carter doesn't hang around all the time, wanting both her and the baby...until he falls in love. 

But they definitely don't become a happy family...right away. 

Daisy has always been a good girl. She's never done anything wild or spontaneous until she has a little too much to drink at a wedding and has a fling with a sexy stranger. She thought they were careful, but accidents happen. And now she's going to have the baby of a man she barely knows.

Carter is her opposite in every way and completely the wrong man for her. They can still work out a reasonable arrangement regarding the baby. But the more time she spends with him, the less reasonable she feels. And he's acting all possessive and protective, so it gets harder and harder to convince herself that he's just the father of her baby.

She wants him to be so much more.


  • A quickie … to a baby!

    By Lynn B888
    A quickie turns into forever! I enjoyed the story line, but I had a really hard time liking Daisy. Carter was a good guy right from the start, and I didn't like the way she was constantly being wishy washy and jerking him around. Quick and easy read! Daisy is a straight and narrow librarian. She's always been a good girl and done what was expected of her, but one fun-filled night at a wedding reception, a quickie in a backroom and all of a sudden she's pregnant by a man she hardly knows! Carter is a good guy. He might ride a motorcycle, have longer hair and tattoos and look dangerous, but he's nice, settled and kind-hearted. He's all in and ready to help and be supportive when he learns they are going to have a baby, but he can only do what Daisy will allow him to do. Can he convince her that he might be different, but he can still be a good dad ... and more?
  • Sweet & Charming!

    By Astroyic
    Completely Lovable! A Sweet and Charming, opposites attract romance, that brings all the feels. This was a charming, fast paced read that has a lot of heart and a perfect amount of heat. The proverbial good girl, gets challenged to act out of character at a wedding reception, and finds herself having a fling with a hot bad boy. Their strong attraction leads to a complicating relationship with real life issues that will have life long consequences. But this Tattoo Bad Boy may be rough around the edges but he will shows her tenderness, patience and understanding. What will it take for these two to act on their true feelings for one another? Will Daisy come to her senses, before it's too late? Will they get their HEA? You will need to read to find out. Received an ARC through the author and voluntarily wrote an honest review.
  • Great Beach Read!!

    By Jbean168
    I started out smiling and went to laughing out loud and then it got real!! Daisy and Carter are a great combo if they could only get on the same page. This story is lighthearted and sexy and also a very quick read.
  • Ahhhh-mazing

    By KindleKat64
    Well let me start by saying that when these two ladies write together they can do no wrong in my eyes!! I adored this book and could not put it down! Carter & Daisy's love story, while somewhat unconventional, is probably one of the sweetest I've read in a while. From the way they meet, to the surprise that comes from their hot tryst in a back room at a wedding, to the relationship they try to have; these two are perfect for each other if they can just get out of their own way for a minute so they can both see it. So much miscommunication and misunderstanding makes what should be one of the best times in their lives very, very complicated. Carter, who from his outward appearance looks like a bad boy, is actually far from it and is hands down one of the most caring, sweetest and swoon-worthy heroes I've read in a long while. Daisy is such an innocent young woman that she almost screws up the best thing that could ever happen to her and the baby because she is afraid other people won't see past the outer layer of Carter to know how amazing he is. This turns out to be one of the biggest complications but luckily with some help from friends, all works out as it should. The epilogue was amazing and is now on my list of top 5 favorite epilogues EVER!!!! 5 wonderful stars for the 3rd book in the Preston Mills series!!!
  • One-Night Stand Gone Wrong

    By Birch Fam
    I'm a sucker for opposites attract and stories with babies in them, so Complicating is my cup of tea! I really liked Carter and how he reacted to Daisy's big news. Teddy was also a scene stealer. The Preston's Mills series just keeps getting better with each book!
  • The Perfect Summer Read

    By SBart79
    The perfect summer read that will have you laughing out loud . Daisy takes an easy challenge from a friend at a wedding, to go up and meet three guys. She has always been the good girl. What's the harm of a thirty minute hook up and fun. Other that when the condom breaks, and it will give you a memory of a life time, a baby. Carter, is totally opposite of Daisy, appears to be the bad boy, tattoos and motorcycle. Once Carter finds out about the pregnancy, he does everything he can to help Daisy. They try the lust again, but soon finds out friends is better, or is it? Loved this story, will keep you turning the pages. Carter is the perfect daddy to be, worry. worry and more worry. Loved how independent Daisy was, but still needs the help from Carter. I highly recommend this story. Two voices that I love reading.
  • Another winner

    By Frog tie
    The third book in the Preston Mill series. Loved this book. Funny, sensitive, sweet and emotional. Daisy is the good girl in Preston. That's until her best friend Chloe gives her a challenge at there friends wedding. No problem until the last guy she walks up too. A little nervous she'll admit. The conversation starts off great, but he catches on to what she's doing. He doesn't mind in the least. But she soon feels something spark between them. Couple of drinks later. Carter wants to know what happened to his red headed angel. He has to find her. So he asked his friend Chris. To his surprise she lives in his building. When he goes to see her she's not happy to see him. He doesn't know why. But he's determined to find out.! Buy the book to find out why and so much more. Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams have done it again. This is a winner. Couldn't put it down.
  • Realistic Romance?

    By esgute
    Can a real relationship be based solely on attraction? Daisy and Carter explore this question throughout the charming book, COMPLICATING, written by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams. After a spontaneous hook up with a stranger, Daisy finds herself pregnant. Knowing it's the right thing to do, she lets Carter know and expects nothing in return. But what if Carter wanted to be more involved in her life and her pregnancy? Would Daisy let him in? I found the characters to be surprising and charming. And all of the connections to Preston's Mill made this story very homey. Go ahead and take a trip to town to find out if the passion of Daisy and Carter is enough to spark the flame of love that will last a lifetime! You
  • cute romantic tale

    By pegg12
    Complicating is a cute, romantic tale, taking place in Preston Virginia. Daisy Phillips, a small town librarian, and Carter Hayes, a city mechanic, appeared to everyone, to be a poorly matched couple. Daisy was a wholesome; highly respected follow the rules, type of girl. Carter, on the other hand, was a street-wise, rough around the edges, tattooed, city-biker. In reality, though, Carter and Daisy were not all that different. Carter was a kind man with a big heart, and Daisy was a wild bombshell just waiting to be released. The two met at a wedding when Daisy accepted a challenge from her friend. The challenge was to approach and win over, Carter Hayes, an aloof, intimidating bad boy. Daisy was tired of being the predictable good girl, so she rose to the challenge. Daisy and Carter hit it off so well, that their wild day together, resulted in Daisy becoming pregnant. She toyed with the idea of keeping the pregnancy a secret, but in the end, Daisy told Carter about their unborn child. What Daisy didn’t expect, however, was that Carter would want to be involved with not only the baby but her as well. Daisy didn’t know how she was going to make a relationship work, with a man whom her parents would never accept. So Daisy set out to fix the situation by changing Carter; and that’s when her life and his, became one complication after another. If you enjoy light romantic tales, check out, Complicating. Thank you, Noelle Adams and Samantha Chase, for my advanced review copy.
  • A great read

    By sferguson105
    This book was the perfect addition to the Preston Mills series!! I love the different sides that Carter and Daisy bring out in each other. Carter makes Daisy want to be a little more daring, stepping out of her shyness a bit. Daisy brings out this sweet tender side of Carter that you can't help but fall in love with. There were points in this book where I wasn't feeling Daisy at all (I get that she was hormonal, but some of the stuff just irked me a bit) but in the end, it all turned out perfect!!! This is definitely a must read!