More Than Love You - Shayla Black

More Than Love You

By Shayla Black

  • Release Date: 2018-02-13
  • Genre: Romance
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 99 Ratings)


I hooked up with my temporary roommate. Now I’ll do anything to claim her for good.

I’m Noah Weston. For a decade, I’ve quarterbacked America’s most iconic football team and plowed my way through women. Now I’m transitioning from star player to retired jock—with a cloud of allegation hanging over my head. So I’m escaping to the private ocean-front paradise I bought for peace and quiet. What I get instead is stubborn, snarky, wild, lights-my-blood-on-fire Harlow Reed. Since she just left a relationship in a hugely viral way, she should be the last woman I’m seen with.

On second thought, we can help each other…

I need a steady, supportive “girlfriend” for the court of public opinion, not entanglements. Harlow is merely looking for nonstop sweaty sex and screaming orgasms that wring pleasure from her oh-so-luscious body. Three months—that’s how long it should take for us both to scratch this itch and leave our respective scandals behind. But the more I know this woman, the less I can picture my life without her. And when I’m forced to choose, I’ll realize I don’t merely want her in my bed or need her for a ruse. I more than love her enough to do whatever it takes to make her mine for good.


  • Fantastic conclusion!!

    By Lilly428**
    Oh how I loved this series!! And you really need to read the other 2 books in order to really appreciate Harlow and Noah’s story. And Noah and Harlow are perfect!! I’m truly glad there was more depth to it then people are attracted and bang. There are current, real-life issues at play in this story and I love that Noah is afflicted and not the perfect “hero”. I love when a character has real flaws not like too much money or can’t find love, but a real issue. That adds just so much more to the story and makes it more real to me. I love Harlow! I love her straightforward-ness, her sassy, her tenacity and her true, beautiful heart that would have been stifled if she stayed with Simon. I cannot say enough about this story and this whole series. Amazing from start to finish!!
  • My favorite so far! Loved Noah & Harlow!

    By Mom's Cooking The Books
    Hands down this is my favorite of the series so far! This is the third book in the series, however, the books can be read as standalones. They do have overlapping characters, Harlow’s brothers and their significant others, from book one (Maxon Reed) and two (Griffin Reed). I really enjoyed them. They are definitely worth the read! Holy hotness with Harlow and Noah and their smoking hot chemistry! I adore Noah. He is so patient with Harlow. She has a lot of issues and he is there for her every step of the way. He has a way to smooth the way, even when she gets skittish, he goes with the flow and doesn’t necessarily give in but allows Harlow some room to work things out herself. Harlow is a riot. She is outspoken, sexy, funny, brilliant and a real challenge for Noah. She is hiding something from Noah and her brothers. She has kept this secret for years and it is hurting her emotionally and has her doubting her ability to have a relationship. This is where I tell you I don’t want to get into anything about the book as it’s better for the reader to go in cold and ride the roller coaster of emotion that is Harlow and Noah’s love affair. My heart hurt for Harlow and her brothers as more of their past is revealed. Noah is an island boy and his family is there to support him and Harlow. Noah has his own hurdles to tackle (no pun intended) before he makes a decision about what he plans to do with his opportunities that were offered now that he is retired. I loved that the story was told in Noah’s POV and even though this is a longish book, it is fast paced, and I didn’t feel any drag or lag. The story flowed well and kept me hooked. The story and the characters are so well written and that made me invested in them and the story. I highly recommend this sexy, sweet, and emotional love story that is Harlow and Noah.
  • Great Story!!

    By Lnn20122
    Hmm....Shayla Black delivers a story that will have you going through so many range of emotions. From feeling frustration, hot under the color (in a good a way) and then throwing a fist pump with a “finally” feeling. And the characters, don’t even get me started. They are so well written you can’t help but feel a connection to them. From Harlow the runaway bride with walls of steel around her heart who is determined to be alone in the world. To Noah, the professional football player forced into retirement after suffering from too many concussions trying to figure out his life past the grid iron. You can’t help but want to see both of them get their happily ever after. This book is the third part of Shayla’s More Than Words series but you don’t have to read the other two books in the series to enjoy this book but it wouldn’t hurt. Harlow is the youngest sister of Maxon and Griff Reed. These are three people born into privilege but not into love. This is what makes their stories so intriguing. How do these three successful people born into privilege but without the capacity to love find love? It’s through family and the special people that enter their lives that they become successful with matters of the heart. Just so darn good. I loved that this whole story is told in Noah’s point of view. It kept you guessing as to what was really going on in Harlow’s mind. That you were learning about her the same time he was made me want to keep reading. To see how this man who has more patience and determination than should be allowed in one person would finally get through to such a stubborn woman determined to be an island. I just couldn’t get enough of this story or series.
  • An amazing read!!!

    By sferguson105
    This is the first book of Shayla’s I’ve read that wasn’t BDSM themed, and it was AMAZING!!! The emotions between these characters had me in tears and drew me in from the start. Harlow’s story had my heart breaking. I can’t imagine going through what she has been through, and not be as emotionally unattached like she was. Her support system was phenomenal through it though. Noah was perfect for her. While he had his own demons he was dealing with, he knew Harlow was unlike any other woman he’d been with, and he refused to give up on her. There were twists and turns throughout this story, and a few of the characters had me wishing this book would turn in to a romantic suspense read with them being murdered grrr!!! But Shayla handled the situation and did one better than murdering them. A phenomenal must read, that will have you wanting more of this series!!
  • This is my favorite in the series!

    By Christine Miller28
    This is my favorite story in the More Than Words series. Noah and Harlow's story held me completely spellbound the whole way through. I didn't want to put it down. I loved that the majority of the story was told from Noah's point of view. He was so patient and fell so fast and so hard for Harlow. I loved watching him try to get her to open up to him. He was so scared to lose her and had nothing but patience for her to come around and truly see him for the guy that he was. Harlow is perhaps one of the most damaged women I've read lately. Her family has done such a number on her that she can't see the point to love and relationships. I loved watching Noah enlist Harlow's family to help her get past things and the things that Noah does for Harlow left me speechless. This was a terrific read in this series and my favorite. I fell hard for Noah!
  • Such a treat!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    Noah has just retired from pro football due to some residual effects from the last concussion he received. He's not ready to leave football but he's not sure he can accept the commentary job with the issues he is having. Harlow found out her fiance was cheating on her with his assistant and has a baby on the way. She breaks off her wedding in the most epic way and needs to hide out for a bit. Noah comes home to his new house he just bought to find a stunning woman sunbathing poolside and finds out she is the house sitter. There is instant chemistry between the two and while Noah sweet talks Harlow into staying the night, he realizes one night isn't going to be enough. This book was such a treat for me. It had all my wishlist items. My favorite thing to read is where the Hero chases the heroine. I just don't see that enough in romance books. For once, the heroine was the one that was hesitant to commit. While Noah is dealing with his speech issues, Harlow is dealing with some major trust issues that date far back. There is some push/pull in this story due to Harlow's lack of trust. I do think she pushes a bit too much, but I don't even care because it just showed how much Noah loved and wanted Harlow in his life. This was just what I was looking for!
  • More than loved a great story

    By tree7404
    This was my favorite book in this series. I don’t know who is my favorite character Harlow or Noah, they are both worth rooting for. Noah is great and is just trying to figure what is going on with after his last concussion, can Harlow help him in to his retirement and his next career. Harlow just wants to hide out and sex, but is that all. These two are great together and the twists and turns. The way that the pregnancy scare with the “gold Digger” is great. Shayla Black has not disappointed with an absolutely wonderful book that I could not put down.