The Social Contract - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Social Contract

By Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  • Release Date: 2017-06-15
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


This authoritative English translation of Rousseau's classic treatise of political theory is published complete with no abridgement.
First released to the public in 1762, The Social Contract is a groundbreaking work in political philosophy. It was among the first to explore the conflict between a society devoted to a prospering and healthy community, and the interests of commercial enterprise. The thoughtful analysis of society, which at the time was on the cusp of beginning the industrial revolution, and crucially Rousseau's rejection of the monarch's principle of the Divine Right, led to the document becoming an inspiration for the French Revolution.
Rousseau argued for personal freedoms and a community where every member has a say. He was vigorously against slavery, and the subjugation of populations brought under the sway of a state. Instead, Rousseau proposed a system whereby the state represents and serves the best interest of its population, to the enrichment and betterment of the general society - it is this principle which encapsulates the philosophy espoused in The Social Contract.
This edition contains the respected and influential English translation by G. D. H. Cole, an Oxford scholar who specialised in political theory and was acclaimed throughout his decades long academic career.