Undoing What Has You Undone - Beth Moore

Undoing What Has You Undone

By Beth Moore

  • Release Date: 2017-09-05
  • Genre: Christianity


Beth Moore’s debut novel, The Undoing of Saint Silvanus, is an entertaining read with true-to-life characters in a memorable story. But like all of Beth’s work, it has at its core life-changing biblical truth.

As the story of Jillian, Olivia, Adella, and the folks at Saint Sans unfolds, they must wrestle hard with some of the life challenges that plague us all:How did my life get to this place?How can I make sense of my family’s story?What can put an end to this cycle of failure in my life?The best novels leave you thinking about life and truth long after the last page is read. This “Story to Life” study has been created to help you get the most out of your novel experience.

Undoing What Has You Undone is a companion to the novel that contains the biblical teachings behind the story, insights from Beth, and personal application from God’s Word. Grab a coffee and take another look at the kinds of undoing that only God himself can orchestrate.

Inside you’ll find:Excerpts from the novelReflection questionsLinks to video clips from Beth’s debut Book ClubInspirational teaching