Her First Time - Bella Love-Wins

Her First Time

By Bella Love-Wins

  • Release Date: 2017-07-26
  • Genre: Erotica


She can leave with everything but her innocence.

Dakota has had a long time crush on me, but we haven't crossed paths in years. In the middle of winning a bet my buddies put me up to, I catch sight of her. At a strip club. On ladies night. That's when I decide it's time to make a move on this sweet, innocent virgin.

I should have known what to expect when I agreed to honor my sister, Dina's wishes by hosting her bachelorette party at a strip club on ladies night. It all goes downhill when I admit to all her girlfriends that I'm a virgin. 
Then I bump into my Owen, my high school crush turned star college football athlete. The attraction is still explosive, and the butterflies won't stop. I just didn't count on my sister blabbing to Owen about my virgin status.

Author's Notes
- Her First Time is a standalone romance short story with no Cliffhanger and a happy for now ending. 
- The Insta-Love on the Run series includes quick and sinfully steamy contemporary romance standalones you can devour on the run! Each book is a short burst of explosive romance that'll consume you for up to two hours. Find your dose of love from the very first page. All stories are written and copyrighted by Bella Love-Wins.