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  • A great feel good book

    By gworll
    The book was very repetitive but it was a great feel good book. I took a while to finish because its redundancy stalled me. In the end I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • The cast

    By CAmcrap
    Repeat repeat repeat - what did her Grandmother do again? Oh, right, she baked cookies! This book is lousy.
  • Getting too old for today’s modern times

    By Kcat206
    I used to love her books but she’s not with today’s generation, ways and technology and describes younger characters in an old fashioned way. It’s just repetitive and unable to believe the persona. It’s suggested she keeps her settings in past eras or hang it up. She just doesn’t get the modern day people under 50 anymore. It’s hard to get through her books anymore.
  • Beyond disappointed

    By Lawarner68
    I felt I was reading a 5th grade story. I quit at the 5th chapter. And to think I paid full price. I used to love her books. Not anymore.
  • The Cast

    By 00bettie
    I dearly love Danielle Steels books but this one is far too slow and very predictable! When I read Steel I can hardly put it down, no so this one. I know she’s working on several new ones so I’ll wait til the next.
  • Redundant

    By LadyTooTall
    I’m so disappointed. Pages and pages of describing the same thing. I may not even finish it. 🙁