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The Lessons of History by Will Durant: Conversation Starters

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  • Release Date: 2018-01-05
  • Genre: Study Aids


The Lessons of History by Will Durant:  Conversation Starters

The Lessons of History is book written by Will and Ariel Durant. It was first published in 1968. The Lessons of History gives readers a summary of the trends of history over a 5,000 year period of time. In the book the touch on the topics of war, government, geography, race, biology, morals, economics, and socialism. The Lessons of History is the culmination of years of research done by the Durants. They have put their life's work into a brief summary of the lessons one can learn from studying history.

The Lessons of History is a bestseller on Amazon. It has a rating of four-and-a-half out of five stars on Amazon and four out of five stars on Goodreads. According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, The Lessons of History is a “masterpiece.” They believe it should appear in the libraries of every home. Edward J. Dodson wrote in his review of The Lessons of History that the Durants could be considered the “most prolific” historians of their time.

A Brief Look Inside: 

than the surface of its pages. The characters and their world come alive, 
and the characters and its world still live on. 
Conversation Starters is peppered with questions designed to
bring us beneath the surface of the page
and invite us into the world that lives on. 

These questions can be used to create hours of conversation:

Foster a deeper understanding of the book
Promote an atmosphere of discussion for groups
Assist in the study of the book, either individually or corporately
Explore unseen realms of the book as never seen before

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