The Lexical Interlinear Hebrew/Greek King James Bible - King James

The Lexical Interlinear Hebrew/Greek King James Bible

By King James

  • Release Date: 1611-01-01
  • Genre: Bible Studies


This is the lexical reverse interlinear King James Version (KJV) of the Bible linked to Strong's Hebrew and Greek dictionary. The verses of the Bible are presented with, (1) the KJV text (2) the underlying root Hebrew or Greek word (3) A short definition. Each word is also linked to its full Hebrew or Greek Strong definition.

Navigation can be accomplished with the table of contents, the NCX menu, or by entering the 
reference, e.g. 'ge5.6' + enter + enter, to go to Genesis 5:6.

The Strong's Hebrew and Greek dictionaries are included as appendixes at the end of this eBook. They can be navigated in a similar manner, e.g. 'g125' + enter + enter to see the definition of the Greek word G125.

This edition provides all the references needed to make the most of reading this great, enduring translation of the Bible (after 400 years it remains the most widely read version of the Bible ever produced).