Teaching Swift - Glenn Carmichael

Teaching Swift

By Glenn Carmichael

  • Release Date: 2018-02-14
  • Genre: Education


Teaching Swift - Book 4.  Shows you how to add more features to your app such as music, adding Gif’s and Augmented Reality.  This book gives you step by step instructions to get your students creating their 3D models and show you how to add them to your app and view them in Augmented Reality.  This book also gives you teaching videos that go through the fundamentals of coding.  These videos include what is binary code, variables, methods, if statements and more.  Each video has it own online quiz to check student understanding.  Also included in Book 4 is extension work for those students wanting to go deeper into their coding.  These videos go through exactly how to code all the elements of their app and deeply delve into coding.