Below - Ryan Lockwood


By Ryan Lockwood

  • Release Date: 2013-06-25
  • Genre: Horror
4 Score: 4 (From 14 Ratings)


Something hungry, relentless, and “absolutely terrifying” is surfacing off the California coast (Marc Cameron, New York Times–bestselling author).
A young woman is dragged into the depths of the Pacific by a force of unimaginable strength; deep sea divers descend into the ink-black waters and never return; and when a small fishing boat is capsized and a band of migrants are swallowed up whole, the lone, terrified survivor can only utter three words . . . los diablos rojos.
Professional scuba diver Will Sturman and brilliant oceanographer Valerie Martell know what they’re up against. It’s something more ferocious than the jaws of a great white shark . . . deadlier and quicker than a shoal of piranha . . . a mass of predators that has evolved over millions of years to perfect their reason to exist: to kill and to feed.
Now, a thousand strong and counting, they’re heading toward shallow waters where the prey is easy. For Will and Valerie, it’s a race against time to stop the world’s oceans—and its shores—from turning blood red.
“Brilliantly terrifying . . . Lockwood snaps hold of you and doesn’t let go . . . With nerve-tingling suspense, Below is a thriller you won’t easily put down—or forget.” —Kevin O’Brien, New York Times–bestselling author
“Breathtakingly frightening and hugely entertaining . . . a knockout.” —New York Daily News