A Completely Unauthorized Instafreebie Guidebook - Dr. Robert C. Worstell

A Completely Unauthorized Instafreebie Guidebook

By Dr. Robert C. Worstell

  • Release Date: 2018-05-18
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance


A writer doesn't have a business without a list. And geting subscribers costs a lot of time and money. 

Except on Instafreebie.

This book exists because there are no real books in Instafreebie, or even simple lists of best practices.

So I started keeping track of what I did that worked for me, and how I figured things out. And what my answers from Instafreebie support were to the problems I'd run into. 

All of the stuff that worked, I blogged. And when I started running out of questions, I knew it was time to get this out to my fellow authors. Warts and all.

After finding or working out 52 tips, tricks, strategies, and workarounds.

Look, I'm no "guru" on this area. I just know what's worked for me and how to write and publish in a really simple way. (That's why this makes 18 books in this series.) 

Instafreebie came up as the cheapest way to get subscribers. And I went from 1 subscriber to over 130 in two weeks. After four months, I've arrived at over 1200 subscribers with more being added daily. And a cost of about 10 cents each. 

And I didn't have to take out a single Facebook or Amazon ad. Not one.

I don't have to run ads. It doesn't take a lot of work every day. It's very simple and doesn't have to cost you any money. 

This book takes you from the point where you've signed up and found something you can share for free on Instafreebie. The point where you say to yourself, "Now, what?"

What's Inside: 

- Why Book Giveaways are your best leverage of what you've written.

- Understanding and applying the Instafreebie FAQs

- How Instafreebie works to build your audience and your network.

- 33 hard-won tips on how to succeed with free Instafreebie giveaways

- How to analyze and distill your subscriber list and completed giveaways to improve your success

- How to develop a marketing plan using Instafreebie to start

- The four parts to your author platform (once you know what they are, you can keep growing them)

- Whether you have only one book in you or an unending firehose of them, how Instafreebie can help you succeed.

- 10 action steps to set up Instafreebie so its maneageable

- BONUS: 8 weekly/monthly schedule tips you can follow to keep your subscribers flooding in.


I haven't been doing Instafreebie for years, only a few months.

This book has been written with the idea of simply filling a gap.

When I started, no search would bring up anything useful about how to do anything on Instafreebie. They all said that is was a good idea, it worked for them, and how to get started.

When I first heard of this, it was (and still is) cheaper than Facebook or any other ads as a way to build a list for authors.

But don't look to see if you're going to find much content around anywhere other than how to simply set up your account. Of course, the Instafreebie support pages have a lot of very good starter material there. And there is a section in this book devoted to an overview of those, with links.

What you see here is my opinions of what worked for me up to this point. (Your mileage may vary – considerably.)

All these observations were blogged first, and then collected and put into this book. And that accounts for the writing styles and disjointed approach. Because I wrote things up as I stumbled over questions and problems. As I got those answered or worked them out, I then updated these.

The point is to get something out now to fill the vacuum of data...

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