Odd(ly) Enough - Carolanne Miljavac

Odd(ly) Enough

By Carolanne Miljavac

  • Release Date: 2018-11-01
  • Genre: Christianity
5 Score: 5 (From 23 Ratings)


Humorous. Authentic. Relatable.
That's Carolanne Miljavac in a nutshell.

And those qualities are just what her nearly half a million social media followers adore about her. Her Odd(ly) Enough is a message that your heart needs to hear: It's time to embrace the "you" God made you to be. Tune out the naysayers of the world and jump into His loving arms. He'll walk alongside you as you passionately pursue your God-given purpose. With chapters like “Who Do You Think You Are?,” “Control Freak,” and “Mistakes and Grace,” you will find yourself becoming a little more courageous. . .and a lot more confident about God’s purpose for your life. 


  • A good, honest, call to embrace your life’s calling!

    By MrsMinick
    CA’s humor, twang, and honest vulnerability (meaning she tells it like it is and at times makes you think ‘aww bless your heart’ laughing at her) is what makes this book a little different. She isn’t preachy, she is flawed, but man, does she run with it and try to point the reader back to God every step! This is a quicker read, it’s her first book, and it is written very conversational, it’s well written, but it isn’t Harvard level fancy boujee sophisticated writing. Again, thats part of what makes it perfect for just the right hearts that need to hear her words. This is a book i think i will read again every few years, and i plan to buy a few copies as gifts for friends or for women i dont even know yet. I strongly recommend this book and hope it stirs something up in many more readers. Thank you, CA!
  • Odd(ly) Enough

    By debidorsey
    Odd(ly) Enough is an incredible read. Carolanne is raw about her past and how she was able to pull through life with it all. She shares her dark demons of the past while also shining the silver lining. Her witty humor on life and uplifting messages stick with you. I am Odd(ly) Enough and I’m not alone!
  • Real, raw & hilarious

    By jrcassie
    This book is hilarious and heartbreaking. The Author pours her heart out in Odd(ly) Enough so that we can connect with each other and know that we are not alone. I recommend this book to everyone I know!
  • Self Recognition Inside

    By TXU customer
    Inspired by her honesty. Great read for those who are feeling down. It will uplift you to a place you’ve never known before. I don’t read many books but this one called out to me!
  • Awesome !

    By A Lynne Lipscomv
    Wow. This book takes you thru every emotion, happy, sad, joyful, and best of all inspired! A life full of ups and downs that led the author to redemption and right into the arms of God. I could not put this book down, the authors journey thru her life is so relatable and her dedication to her called purpose is simply amazing. A story that will inspire any one and ensure you that you are Oddly Enough.
  • Amazing!

    By 2189bee
    The author’s beautiful testimonial has reminded me of my own testimony,and how great our relationship with the Lord can be if we can just be still and listen.
  • Inspiring

    By onwardgo
    In the book, Odd(ly) Enough, Carolanne Miljavac does a wonderful job sharing her deepest darkest memories of her youth and her courage to break free of the bondage that held her down for many years and it went right her into adulthood. As an adult, she faced a situation with her family regarding her niece that was very difficult to read. In fact, I had to put the book down a few times because it was too emotional to read through in one sitting. It was that tragic moment in her life that Carolanne Mijavac decided to turn her sorrows around and allowed God to use her for His glory. I found this book very relatable in my life and I have been empowered to be honest about my life and to speak openly of the good and bad so that God can work within me effectively. Carolanne’s humor and straight speaking is evident throughout the book. I challenge anyone who has deep rooted afflictions in their life to read this book. The reader will be inspired to make good out of a bad situation.