The Greatest You - Trent Shelton

The Greatest You

By Trent Shelton

  • Release Date: 2019-05-07
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 60 Ratings)


"If you want to become the best you, but are unsure how to get there, start here." -- Rachel Hollis, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing

In this remarkable, life-changing new book, renowned inspirational speaker Trent Shelton shares his revolutionary tool kit for transforming your life and reaching your goals.

Trent Shelton seemed to have it all together--until everything fell apart. A college football standout, his NFL dreams died when he was cut from multiple teams. With no job and no prospects, learning he had a child  on the way and numbing himself with whatever he could find, Trent then found out one of his closest friends had killed himself. Life seemed without hope--until Trent discovered the secret to finding promise in the darkest of times. And now he shares that secret with you.

Writing from deep, been-there experience, Trent walks you on a journey to become the best hope-filled version of yourself. In The Greatest You, Trent takes you through the necessary steps to become everything you are meant to be, from facing the reality of your circumstances and realizing your purpose in life, to breaking free from toxic environments and forgiving those--including yourself--who've harmed you, to learning how to guard yourself against the pitfalls of life.        

Weaving together personal stories from his own life and from others who have also gone through hard times, Trent reveals how you can bring out the best in yourself and establish a happier, more fulfilled future for generations to come.


  • Amazing

    By pzphitzęk
    This is actually the first book/audiobook I have completed... it really does help you and guide you in the right direction. It gets deep in your thoughts and emotions! But that is what’s building you!! Definitely a 5 star rating!!
  • My legacy to my children

    By Lula4EverFree
    This book has given me the inspiration of what I need to become a greater me. How to handle a greater self and creating the best of what we can do to create ourself. I relate so much and how this book makes me feel has no extent in words of motivation I have been searching. It has made me realize that how much I can do on my own and that life has a ton of burdens. You just have to learn how to get past them to become a greater you. I thank you Trent Shelton for the motivation you have given me with your book and also with your videos. Right when I’ve needed it the most in my life. I will most definitely read it again to remind myself where I need to go to be a greater me. Also the inspiration I need to leave my legacy for my children. I have also recommended for my son to read your book as he has turned 16. The hardest points of life to find the real you. The forgiveness we need to move on. I just can’t say enough all that I just love this book. I hope to meet you someday. I Thank You from my heart for your book and blogs. May God keep blessing you.
  • The Greatest You

    By Hjas JC
    I like Trent Shelton. He genuinely seems like a good person with all the intent in the world to help and assist people in making their lives better. With that being said, I’m a little past the halfway mark of the book and it’s been a disappointing read. I’ll likely finish it, but more so because I actually spent money on it than anything else. The book is written in this overly simplistic prose — from the actual style of writing, to the stories that are included — and something about just doesn’t make for a compelling read(and that’s what you want when you read a motivational/inspirational self-help book). The message behind the book is definitely a good one but it falls flat.
  • Eye opening

    By RiaGK
    Great read. Gets you thinking about how you have lived your own life and seeing how you made choices.
  • Very Helpful!!

    By xxMayraxx
    He has motivated me and has helped me through some tough times.
  • The Greatest You

    By Ashtrey25
    Amazing book great value and admiration
  • Impactful Book That Hits You in the Heart and Face

    By Michael Corey
    This book will hit you directly in your heart and face at the same time. It will cause you to immediately reflect on the things you are doing, the things you did and the things you should be doing. Trent Shelton has been impacting lives through his videos and speaking engagements but his book takes everything to the next level. This book allows you to take his passion and inspiration to a point where you feel he is speaking directly to you. Trent Shelton is very transparent about events that happened along his path and those events are ones almost anyone can relate to. We often use the term keeping it real and in this book Trent Shelton does exactly that, he keeps it real. For anyone that is looking for inspiration and tired of hearing from people you can’t relate to because you feel they haven’t been through what they have been through, this book is for you. This book will impact anyone that is truly willing to take information and turn it into action. If you are ready to become the Greatest You then this book is where it starts. Trent has been my coach and this is another way he has impacted me. So as he would say “It all starts with you.”