Stark's History and Guide to the Bahama Islands - James H. Stark

Stark's History and Guide to the Bahama Islands

By James H. Stark

  • Release Date: 2019-03-13
  • Genre: Caribbean


This classic is organized as follows:

I. How to Reach Nassau
II. Discovery of the Bahamas by Columbus
III. Aboriginal Inhabitants
IV. The Buccaneers
V. The Charter and Settlement of the Bahamas
VI. Expulsis Piratis, Restituta Commercia
VII. Capture of Nassau by Commodore Hopkins
VIII. Conquest and Settlement of the Bahamas by the Loyalists
IX. Nassau During the Blockade
X. Blockade Running
XI. Nassau
XII. Places of Interest in the Vicinity of Nassau
XIII. The Out Islands
XIV. The Monument Erected to Mark the Spot on Which Columbus Landed
XV. Description of the Bahamas in 1783
XVI. The Inhabitants of the Bahamas, Their Manners and Customs
XVII. Negroes and Slavery
XVIII. Government
XIX. Commerce and Agriculture
XX. Sponge Fisheries
XXI. Climate—The Bahamas as a Health Resort
XXII. The Geological Formation of the Bahamas
XXIII. Religion and Education