What is the Biblical Meaning of

What is the Biblical Meaning of "Flesh"

By Peter M Newman

  • Release Date: 2019-03-23
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality


One factor contributing to Christians' misunderstanding on how God has dealt with their old sinful nature is the translation of the Greek word sarx, which appears 147 times in the New Testament.  Most versions of Bible have translated sarx as "flesh." However, the word "flesh" is not only archaic; it is ambiguous and confusing.  Consequently, when Christians read the New Testament today and they come across the word "flesh" in the Scriptures, they are not able to truly understand what many of these verses actually mean.  This has had tragic and severe consequences for the body of Christ since the proper translation of the Greek word sarx is critical for Christians to be able to understand the full meaning and purpose of Christ's death on the cross.  In actuality, the Greek word sarx has four basic meanings depending upon the content and context of each specific verse in the New Testament.  This eBook clears up the confusion about the word "flesh" and explains what the Greek word sarx really means.  In this eBook, we review a dozens of different Scriptures to see how the Greek word sarx should be translated in each case to accurately convey the Biblical truth about Christ's finished work on the cross.