In Digital We Trust - Rahul Bhagat

In Digital We Trust

By Rahul Bhagat

  • Release Date: 2019-04-01
  • Genre: Police Procedural


Martin is an aging detective, and a misfit in the high tech world of near future. The police chief takes pity and assigns him a simple case to investigate. A man jumped off a bridge and drowned; an apparent suicide.

Natalie - a young, tech savvy intern is paired with Martin on the case. They go through the due diligence and Martin is about to wrap up the case, when they discover that someone was encouraging the dead man to commit suicide.

Natalie takes the initiative and starts driving the investigation. She follows the digital trail and soon finds out that the dead man's digital assistant was somehow involved in his death. Through brilliant investigation she is able to figure out the actual person behind it but the evidence is circumstantial. She can't prove it. Eventually, the local FBI field office sets up a nail biting sting operation to nab the culprit.