Tequila Mockingbird (Book 7) - Liliana Hart & Scott Silverii

Tequila Mockingbird (Book 7)

By Liliana Hart & Scott Silverii

  • Release Date: 2019-04-30
  • Genre: Cozy


Tequila Mockingbird

(Suitable for all ages)

Old habits die hard. In the case of drug running, border-crossing, crime cartels, so do oaths for revenge. Agatha Harley and Hank Davidson were looking forward to spending time focusing on their budding romance. Instead, a series of cryptic messages from their friend, Sheriff Reggie Coil, launches them toward the southern Texas city of Laredo at the Mexican border. 

Sheriff Coil, who once worked as an undercover drug task force special agent in Austin, owed his life to fellow law enforcement officer, Texas Ranger Sergeant Jason Whitehorse. The heroic American-Indian officer fought off an outlaw motorcycle club's ambush against Coil to escape with non-life threatening injuries. 

Many years had passed, and while each man's careers had taken different paths, their bond remained strong. Agatha and Hank soon discover that Coil needed their help because he'd rushed to Whitehorse's rescue. Forces beyond Whitehorse's control forced him back into his deep undercover role as a drug and gun runner. It was a covert operation that depended on him working with his old partner, Reggie Coil.

Agatha and Hank are out gunned, out equipped and definitely out of their element, but loyalty and friendship means never having to ask for help a second time. It's off to the border they go. But, can enthusiasm and a willingness to help their friends overcome the ruthless bandits they'll face? 

Here's a hint; Agatha has a bit of a tenacious streak of determined ruthlessness when it comes to fighting for the underdog. After all, it's one of the qualities Hank loves most about her.


The dynamic husband and wife writing duo of Liliana Hart and Scott Silverii combine their love of adventure and storytelling into the Harley and Davidson Mystery Series. While they've discussed a team writing effort for years, when it came time to actually develop their characters, both admit to being stumped. 

Why not write us they laughed. 

Liliana, a 29-time NY Times and USA Today bestseller and author of over 59 titles, enjoys this labor of love with her husband. Scott, a former Chief of Police and law enforcement professional has over 25 years of banging down doors and busting bad guys. An author of 10 titles, he says this by far is his favorite mission. 

Together, they have created a lovable tandem of adventure seeking, mystery-solving heroes that you'll get to know and love. You might even catch a glimpse of Liliana and Scott in each story. Well, probably much more than a glimpse.
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