The Italian's Ruthless Seduction - Kazuko Fujita & Miranda Lee

The Italian's Ruthless Seduction

By Kazuko Fujita & Miranda Lee

  • Release Date: 2019-05-04
  • Genre: Women


Bella is thinking of running away from her stressful life as an actress when she suddenly remembers Sergio, her stepbrother. Though it may seem odd, he was her first love. After all, they aren’t biologically related and he is dashingly handsome! Perhaps she can rely on him… Sergio, however, is bewildered by her phone call. He’s done his best to avoid her ever since the day his desire for her first awoke! Still, now that he has become a powerful billionaire, maybe it isn’t a bad idea to play a new game. What will happen to innocent Bella when she walks into Sergio’s trap?