The Fairbairn Girls - Una-Mary Parker

The Fairbairn Girls

By Una-Mary Parker

  • Release Date: 2013-05-01
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


A nineteenth-century family of Scottish aristocrats falls victim to a mysterious curse in this historical saga by the author of Riches—“A spellbinding read” (Booklist).
Scotland, 1891. The aristocratic Fairbairn family have occupied Lochlee Castle in Argyllshire for the past five centuries. The current head of the family, the Earl of Rothbury, along with his wife, two sons, and nine daughters, all seem destined for a happy future. But on the day that his daughter Laura’s engagement is announced, Lord Rothbury receives an unsettling visit from a mysterious man who harbors a grudge—and a curse—for the Rothbury family.
Soon it seems the whole family is doomed, with tragedy and heartbreak around every corner. As the years go on, the surviving Fairbairns attempt to show bravery in adversity. But will they ever escape the curse?
“With an unusual plot full of unexpected twists and a graceful writing style, Parker’s latest is not only a spellbinding read but also an eye-opening look at the role of the aristocracy and women in Scotland at the turn of the nineteenth-to-twentieth century.” —Booklist