A Cowboy Kind of Night - Erin Wright, Suzie O'Connell, Lisa Mondello, Ann B. Harrison, Shirleen Davies, Jean Brashear, SJ McCoy & Stacey Joy Netzel

A Cowboy Kind of Night

By Erin Wright, Suzie O'Connell, Lisa Mondello, Ann B. Harrison, Shirleen Davies, Jean Brashear, SJ McCoy & Stacey Joy Netzel

  • Release Date: 2019-07-23
  • Genre: Western
5 Score: 5 (From 8 Ratings)


Are you ready for A Cowboy Kind of Night? If you like your guys in spurs and Stetsons, then this multi-author bundle is for you. Check out these eight sexy western romance novels, all for one great low price.

Bundle of Love by Erin Wright – As the town’s vet and the director of an equine therapy camp, Adam’s life is plenty stressful, and plenty lonesome. Then in strolls Kylie VanLueven, his very new and very pretty receptionist, with curves in all the right places. She's doing a good job at the clinic, but he won’t ever let it be more than that, despite the longing she stirs in him. Besides, he’s sure that she’s hiding a secret…

Last Surrender by Suzie O'Connell – Horse trainer Heather Brown has a talent for finding Mr. Right-for-Everyone-Else. Enter ranch hand Jeremiah Mackey. He’s made a lot of mistakes in his life, but he’s worked hard to turn his life around and he understands her like no one else. She’s willing—needs, even—to ignore her family’s open hostility toward him, but what will happen when someone from his past starts playing deadly games?

His Heart for the Trusting by Lisa Mondello – Mitch Broader has always dreamed of owning his own Texas ranch. When an old flame drops a baby on his doorstep, claiming he's the daddy, he's shocked. He can’t change diapers and work a ranch at the same time. When Sara Lightfoot rescues him with her particular knack for handling his precocious son, he hires her on the spot as a nanny. Can they both get over their past to have a future together?

Grady by Ann B. Harrison – Sheriff Grady Cooper isn't looking for love but when Lara Williams comes to town with her wayward daughter, he can't deny he attraction between them. As much as Lara dreams of having a man like Grady by her side, she knows that if he finds out about her dark past, it will leave her more vulnerable than ever.

Hearts Don't Lie by Shirleen Davies – What does he do when she refuses to back down? Mitch MacLaren has reasons for avoiding relationships, and they’re pretty darn good. Dana Ballard’s new job forces her to work with the one MacLaren who can’t seem to get over himself and lighten up. In his mind, a simple proposition can solve the problem. Will Dana make the smart move and walk away? Or take the gamble and expose her heart?

Texas Wild by Jean Brashear – The Bad Boy is Back in Town! Injury forces former SEAL turned playboy Hollywood stuntman Mackey home where teenage exploits made him a legend, only to find that his buddy's kid sister Rissa has grown up gorgeous. But if he thinks her girlhood crush will make her fall into his arms and help him avoid dealing with a haunting past and a future that looks grim, Mackey might want to think again.

Shane by SJ McCoy – In Cassidy's own words he’s walking temptation. She doesn't want a relationship but maybe a little temptation couldn't hurt? Shane knows he can have any woman he wants—apart from Cassidy—so why can't he think of any woman other than Cassidy? There’s no denying the attraction between them, but will it be enough to bring together a woman who doesn’t want anyone and a guy who wants everyone?

Trust in the Lawe by Stacey Joy Netzel – Desperately afraid for her life, Kendra lies to her brother about why she turns up destitute on his doorstep, leading his ranch manager to suspect she’s a con-artist. Colton vows to expose her secrets, but he didn’t count on falling for the feisty city girl in the process. Somehow she must learn to trust the sexy cowboy—and her heart—before danger tracks her down.


  • A Cowboy Kind of Night

    By Qab854
    This has eight cowboy romances with wonderful characters and storylines. Bundle of Love by Erin Wright, Last Surrender by Suzie O'Connell, His Heart for the Trusting by Lisa Mondello, Grady by Ann B. Harrison, Hearts Don't Lie by Shirleen Davis, Texas Wild by Jean Brashear, Shane by SJ McCoy, Trust in the Lawe by Stacey Joy Netzel. Some of these amazing authors I've read before but some were new to me. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Something for everyone!!

    By Barbk1202
    This is a great compilation of stories. Each one had its own distinct charm. I thoroughly enjoyed each story. I discovered new authors along the way. I’m very excited to read other works from these wonderful storytellers! I would recommend this to everyone. ARC reader honest review
  • A great deal on some great books

    By Contessajj
    Bundle of Love I love that Kylie and Adam are not your typical couple. Even a 16 year age difference doesn't faze them. But Adam is surprising in more ways than that. Kylie is an impressive young adult. Even though she fell for the wrong guy and got pregnant she is still mature about it, she is really intelligent, and is a real go getter. This sweet sexy love story is so easy to read and their journey with its ups and downs draws you in and makes you love them. Last Surrender I’ve read some of the Northstar books but not all of them and it absolutely did not matter. Jeremiah and Heather’s story is a heartwarming tale of two damaged souls who have put themselves back together and find solace in each other. They’ve seen each other in the community but never spent time together. I like that they are a little older and know their own heart. With just enough angst and a baddie to handle, this falling in love story is a sweet escape. His Heart for the Trusting This story seemed to drag a bit. We know Sara and Mitch have serious baggage, but it is like pulling teeth to get to what actually happened to them. Throwing in baby Jonathan to keep their minds off of their own trust issues is only so involving. I like the characters, the plot line is good, it just needed a little more. Grady is a swoon worthy cowboy... And a moralistic sheriff. When Lara comes to his small town to start over the attraction is smoking. But with Grady having to pick up her daughter for breaking the law and Lara hiding something that may never be together. I loved all of the characters especially Lara’s new girl friends and support team. This light romantic suspense is a heartwarming, heartbreaking sweet read. Hearts Don’t Lie, but people do... Mitch says he’ll never fall in love again. Dana has had her heart broken and won’t put herself through that again. Sure, right. This sweet sexy falling in love story has an intriguing mystery as a secondary plot keeping us on our toes while we fall along with our couple. The supporting cast adds to the story but Mitch and Dana steal our hearts. I love the wounded warrior that is Mackey... This story really reaches into your heart and squeezes. Rissa and Mackey have no one in their lives and are so lonely. Of course they both want to call their explosive chemistry just a fling. I was so drawn into this story, it was so easy to read and imagine being in their shoes. I couldn’t put it down til the last tear, yes you will need tissues. But it is worth it. Shane may come off as arrogant... But I just couldn’t hold it against him, he is such a sweetheart. And besides Cassidy is pretty arrogant herself. This character driven tale though is really about trust. And it’s witty and thought provoking and just sexy enough. A great read.