Walk in God's Grace: Faith for Felons - Monica Lynne Foster & Aaron Franklin

Walk in God's Grace: Faith for Felons

By Monica Lynne Foster & Aaron Franklin

  • Release Date: 2019-06-04
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


Aaron never saw himself sitting in a cell, looking at twelve years. But even though his mother did what she could to keep him out of trouble, he let the streets raise him. When he thought his son was in trouble, he did what he thought a father was supposed to do. Now, the night that changed his life plays in his head like it is on a loop. Unless God intervenes, by the time he is released, his kids will be grown and his mother will be in her 80s. He wanted to be mad at God for the way it all went down, but it was not God's fault. God reminded Aaron that even though prison is wicked and feels like hell, both physically and spiritually, God is always with him. You are not defined by your bad actions. You are defined by the righteousness of God.

In this 21-day devotional, you'll learn how to release yourself from the guilt that holds you in mental and emotional bondage and allow yourself to be used by God. No matter where you are. No matter how you got there. Aaron is now letting God undo the damage the devil did in his life for over two decades. He is learning to forgive himself because the guilt was killing him. He is learning how to stay strong for his family because even behind bars, they still need him.

In Aaron's words, "I thought it would be cool to share what I’m living through and maybe it will help someone else. We may be in here for different reasons, but the bottom line is we’re in here together. And I don’t know one dude who wants to make a return trip when he gets out. I needed some peace. Writing this book helped me get that peace. Now I’m passing it on to you. Stay strong and do what I’m learning to do. Let go and let God do what God does."