Oklahoma Sky - Jillian Neal

Oklahoma Sky

By Jillian Neal

  • Release Date: 2019-12-27
  • Genre: Western
5 Score: 5 (From 19 Ratings)


Callie Monroe is leaving California and not just because it’s ridiculous for a girl named Callie to live in a state with the same nickname. If only that were the stupidest thing she’d done lately. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t even make the very bottom of the list. 

When she stumbles into the local honkytonk in her hometown and lays eyes on hot-blooded, cattle rancher Ford Holder, she begins to think her return trip home is one of her smartest moves yet.

The ink isn’t even dry on Ford’s divorce papers, but he’s done. Done with the lying, with the cheating, and with women in general. Until the girl with the broken smile and curves for miles needs a little help getting over her ex.

Callie never expected to find the healing she needs in his capable arms. 

Ford knows she’s way too young for him, but she’s also everything he never even knew he wanted. 

Callie understands that he is the answer to every question she was never allowed to ask and the fulfillment of her every fantasy. 

His ex-wife wants revenge. 

Her family wants her gone. 

Their long-drawn, lusty nights set Holder Ranch ablaze, but that same heat threatens to destroy everything Ford holds dear—his land, his reputation, and his family. 

Can either of them survive apart?

Will anything survive if they remain together?