How to Become a Writer - Arnold Bennett

How to Become a Writer

By Arnold Bennett

  • Release Date: 2019-12-18
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


"How to Become a Writer" is a book of practical advice for everyone interested in writing. Arnold Bennett provides useful advice on how to develop as an artist. He gives tips on how to start the creative process of writing and how to develop a unique literary style. Finally, the author provides a long list of recommended books written in English every person should read.
How to Become an Author
The Literary Career
The Formation of Style
Short Stories
Sensational and Other Serials
The Novel
Non-fictional Writing
The Business Side of Books
The Occasional Author
Specimen Page Showing Correcting for Press
The Author's Craft
Seeing Life
Writing Novels
Writing Plays
The Artist and the Public
The Truth about an Author
Literary Taste: How to Form It
The Aim
Your Particular Case
Why a Classic is a Classic
Where to Begin
How to Read a Classic
The Question of Style
Wrestling With an Author
System in Reading
Broad Counsels
An English Library: Period I
An English Library: Period II
An English Library: Period III
Mental Stocktaking