Three Cups of Thrilling Tea - Erin Spofford

Three Cups of Thrilling Tea

By Erin Spofford

  • Release Date: 2020-02-14
  • Genre: Horror


THREE CUPS OF THRILLING TEA serves up three short tales of horror, suspense, and the weird, sure to increase the heart rate, raise the gooseflesh, and tickle the mind.

In "Prior Complications," a modern-day expectant father named Michael is anxious about losing another child during the birthing process. Turns out his anxiety is about to be justified in horrific fashion. Can he fight his fears and save his wife, Denise, and their unborn baby before it's too late?

Set in ancient Egypt, during the reign of the Macedonian Pharaoh Kings, "The King's Commission" tells the dark, suspense filled story of Cyril and Euclid, two Greek sailors turned freelance book-hunters who, under the guise of the King's commission, have stolen a strange book from a cursed tribe. Will they be able to bring the tome to the Great Library of Alexandria for the reward, or, as Euclid suspects, does the book have other plans?

And in the mythical, speculative, "Step Forward into the Light," the last remaining natives of an island ravaged by an unchecked rat population prepare for a wedding ceremony. Adam, a teenaged orphan and the only person not native to the island, believes the remaining resources will be depleted sooner than the elders have said. Seth, Adam's friend and lover, has faith in the elders and thinks Adam should too. But the rats are bold and aggressive. And the rats are always hungry.

Each tale is sure to fill your cup to the brim with excitement and delight!