Perfect Chaos - Jodi Ellen Malpas

Perfect Chaos

By Jodi Ellen Malpas

  • Release Date: 2020-02-18
  • Genre: Romance
4 Score: 4 (From 408 Ratings)


It starts like any other Monday for Ty Christianson. Fifty laps in his pool, a suave suit, a chat with his mum on the way to his office, dodging countless calls from women, and his faithful yet cynical assistant waiting for him with a coffee. Then a meeting with his business partner and life-long friend, Sal, upends everything. Sal’s hired a new assistant without so much as consulting Ty. That’s a cardinal sin in their world, but it’s the least of Ty’s worries. Sal hasn’t just hired a new personal assistant, he’s hired an absolute goddess. And she’s off limits to Ty.
Lainey Summer drives Ty crazy with her savage beauty, her effortless sexiness, and her unfathomable veneer. She plays her cards way too close to her chest, and doesn’t that just make her more enticing? 

Unlucky for Lainey, Ty’s notoriously irresistible. 

Unlucky for Ty, Lainey can resist him.
Or . . . can she?
As Ty sets on a mission to break Lainey, an intended conquest becomes a fixation. 

And in the process, he’s thrown into perfect chaos.


  • First One

    By arr7372
    It’s been a very long time since I read a book that wasn’t self development. I’ve been urging to read an actual story and this was the first one I’ve tried and it was so intriguing that I finished the book in a week. This book had me at the edge my seat every time I went to go read it.
  • Adored All Around

    By A. Marsh
    I don’t think I could love this story any more than I do! Unless it was simply never-ending, of course. I love the insight inside a mans head as he falls in love. And lust, as well ❤️ It was very well -written, & I found myself almost smiling outwardly with every turn of the page!
  • Minimal character development

    By Sej8339
    Another book that seems detailed and interesting in the first two chapters and then falls off to minimal detail and thoroughness once you’ve bought the book. Not worth it.
  • I will always come back for more J.E.M

    By StarbucksUnicornDrink
    I fell in love with J.E.M’s style of writing after reading her This Man series... I mean who would not? I have read those books over 20 times. The characters are flawlessly built throughout each book and they have SO much personality.. each and every character.. not just the main characters. The entire way in which the story was written captured me from beginning to end... I can honestly say after having read hundreds of romance novels, it is very easy for me to predict what will happen in a book or series... not with This Man though. It kept me wanting more... I know this review is not 100% attached to this new novel and there is a reason for that. Although this new novel was not my favorite it still kept me on my toes. I never would have guessed a few of the elements that were revealed. I did however feel unattached from the characters as if they were just a reflection, nothing deeper... I was a little let down... however I do not think there will ever be a book to compare with This Man which is where I set my standards now. So although this was not my favorite book... the author herself? PHENOMENAL. There is always going to be bad witching the good. I think that there are many who will enjoy this book, I did enjoy it as well. I just did not fall in love with it... perhaps because J.E.M stole my heart with Jesse & Ava. Don’t be afraid to give this book a read, I’m the end it’s an interesting story.
  • Very disappointed

    By Notworthit654321
    Felt like I made a donation to the Jem fund. I fast forwarded pages and then finally just read the last chapter just to finish the book. Couldn’t wait for book to end. Lack of characters development. Too much in his voice and not enough dialogue. I kinda felt sorry for the main male character ty. Lainey, the lead female, was constantly leading him on that I ended up disliking her more as the story progressed. Not my favorite female lead. Ending seems more like it concluded because of the word count. I am soooo bummed because Jem was one of my favorite writers. 😩
  • Perfect Chaos

    By DannyGirl2146
    This author wrote a trilogy this man that was fantastic, and this book was quite the disappointment. This book I had to push myself to finish and it was nothing like that series. This was sooooo boring
  • Prefer Chaos

    By Laurie Walker Plevka
    Jodi, another fabulous book,you out due yourself with every book you write. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉
  • Great till the ending

    By Vst.john
    Unrealistic that it would end happily ever after like that.
  • Oops she did it again!

    By tara<3books
    Once again I’m totally in love with this Alpha! Ty falls and falls so hard. This story had me all in my feelings. Perfect Chaos did not disappoint.
  • Fire

    By C. Emo
    Jodi did not disappoint with another bestseller (in my humble opinion) in Perfect Chaos. The tale of two damaged souls in Ty and Lainey having lost faith in love after their failed marriages. One is trying to destroy and gain control of life while the other is taking life by the horn trying to conquer it; both guarding their heart with steel, determined not to fall prey to love again. They fight hard to deny their feelings for each other, finding it hard to trust and accept that they are right together. They must overcome their trust issues, let go of the past & believe that their love is enough to mend their damaged heart & soul and find happiness. Jodi uses her literary prowess to bring Ty & Lainey to life as vivid complicated multi dimensional characters. She captivates her readers with succinct storytelling and just the right amount of wit and sarcasm for intrigue and surprises. Ty & Lainey’s story will stir all the feelings - bursts of hysterical laughter, screams of OH NO!, make you reach for the Kleenex box n look around if anyone is watching you cry 🤣 and boy will it make you lust and get all HOT because the sex is just so freaking caliente, it’s 🔥! This book is a real page turner that you will devour it because the story is scintillating. I’m definitely doing a reread at a slower pace. Fantastic job Jedi ❤️ Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone