The Stone Book - Kevin P Morrow

The Stone Book

By Kevin P Morrow

  • Release Date: 2020-04-25
  • Genre: Drama


Everyone there is, receives a text message. And that is all that it took, to bring our world to the brink of nuclear conflict. The global public, succumbing to their own irrational conclusions about two esoteric text messages, begin for the first time in their lives, to actually live. The global politic, see this as their new path; an opportunity to carve from a new stone, the world they always wanted. The President, crippled with fear, becomes open to the insane doctrines proposed by war-hungry generals. Knowing however, that there must be another path, he seeks the counsel and wisdom of three great minds from long ago. In dream, or reality, over dinner with Thucydides, Democritus, and Zeno, he realizes that it was only the fever of fear, and voluntary blindness towards our collective histories, that dictated his decision-making. Now he must stop a war, that may erase history itself.