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  • Rage is the One to Read

    By brennansgranmom
    Bob Woodward does not disappoint with RAGE. Regardless of one’s political party there’s no denying the authenticity of this account. If you have ever wondered what “honest” political appointees and high level Government employees really thought about Trump this book is a must There is no denying that Trump has an “unusual “ personality” to say the least. Some might say or suspect a psychological problem. Quite a lot of quotes are from the President himself. Hurry and read up. It’s important to read RAGE before you vote.
  • Should be called TDS

    By Snapdragon 925
    Propaganda by an unbalanced hack.
  • Another waste of time

    By Seth V
    I don’t remember so many new books about the lefts subliminal contributions to taut their side over the opposite in all my life. The amount of reads out right now coming after the President is crazy! They (the dems,socialist,leftist )won’t stop coming at nothing! Just let us have our republican President of choice for 8 years like you had your left Obama for eight years and deal with it like we had to!
  • Superb reporting

    By HBBJA1
    Woodward’s book is an in-depth revelation into the disturbed mind of the current POTUS. Anyone who possesses the ability to see through deceit, corruption, self-indulgence, and ineptitude will appreciate this exposé.
  • More leftist pablum

    By Arynat
    We are going to lose this country forever. If Democrats assume power no constitutional right will be beyond being abolished. And the millennial fools who have been manipulated and brainwashed by our socialistic/communistic educational system, are not going to be strong enough or smart enough to figure out how to get our country back. This president has effected more positive change for our country in 3 1/2 years than we have seen in the last half century. Enjoy your book my little Marxist friends and whatever you do, don’t talk to anyone outside of your ironclad circles or you might discover there are actually alternative viewpoints and thought.
  • Fascinating look inside a monster

    By AmandaTripp
    We are living through scary times and Woodward sheds light on the person running the show.
  • Excellent

    By Virgogirl2
    The stable genius’ own words are considered fake news by his loyal idiots. So happy Bob Woodward exposed this orange grifter. This is a good book. History won’t be kind to trump or his magat supporters, nor will the American people. We are sick of their chaos and destruction. Time to clean house!! BIDEN/HARRIS 2020
  • Trump 2020

    By mazeysarah100
    Best president in the history of America. Trump 2020👍👍
  • Again, 1-star reviewers haven’t read

    By Abro716
    But they certainly need to. I think it’s hilarious the reviewers who call Woodward a Democrat. He’s Republican, or at least was before Trump. He has been critical of all administrations, Democrat and Republican. It’s just that this current president is so divisive and so catastrophically unfit for office, that this candid portrait of a chaotic White House would of course be negative; almost everyone who has quit or been fired, with the exception of a couple of sycophants, will tell you what a disaster he is. Woodward doesn’t have to paint a bad picture of Donald because Donald does that all by himself. If you’re a racist, of course you’ll want to back a president who believes and hates the way you do, so you’ll ignore the plethora of bad qualities this man exhibits on the daily.
  • Don’t waste your money!

    By zilpo6
    This is just someone trying to help defeat President Trump in November. Its sad that so many Democrats want to overlook his accomplishments and put out garbage like this!