America in the World 2020 - Foreign Policy Association

America in the World 2020

By Foreign Policy Association

  • Release Date: 2020-09-28
  • Genre: Social Science


During the 2016 American presidential election, charges were leveled that foreign policy had become the preserve of specialized elites removed from the concerns of Americans outside the Beltway and Wall Street. Yet since 1918 the Foreign Policy Association and since 1919 the Hoover Institution have been at the forefront of encouraging informed public debate on vital international issues through the dissemination of relevant and timely scholarship. We are delighted that FPA and Hoover have come together at this crucial juncture to stimulate public discussion over the path forward for America in a troubled world. American in the World 2020 is a thought provoking collection of op-ed style essays from some of American's leading foreign policy makers and strategists.