Headache - Tom Justic


By Tom Justic

  • Release Date: 2020-12-07
  • Genre: Drama


It's just a headache.' Kevin Ruscevich had heard that too often in his struggles dealing with the horror in his head. He wanted answers. A couple years after settling his troubled past and fixing his marriage, Kevin's headaches appear out of nowhere. Soon, the headaches take over his life, affecting him, his wife and children. Rece, Kevin's wife, assures Kevin his pain is just a headache and that he can deal with them. His doctor, Frank Nourzad, confirms that his pain is simply a result of headaches. But paranoia and self diagnosis lead Kevin down the dark and mysterious world of headaches. Are his wife and doctor correct? Does Kevin just suffer from headaches? Or is it something more? Is Kevin's doctor of the right mind to heal Kevin, or does the doctor's unfortunate past affect his relationship with Kevin, and worse, his diagnosis of Kevin? Jump into this dialogue driven story of pain that will not go away. Place yourself into the disturbing world of headaches, and join Kevin in his race to find peace as he battles his past and present in this gripping tale of pain and mystery.