Scapa - James Mark Miller


By James Mark Miller

  • Release Date: 2012-09-28
  • Genre: Military


This vivid history chronicles the legendary Royal Navy base through WWI and WWII with eyewitness accounts and photos—“a fascinating book” (Scots Magazine).

Scapa Flow was one of the greatest naval bases in history. Located in the Orkney Islands, it played a vital role in the two great wars of the twentieth century. It was from there that the Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet sailed to Jutland in 1916. It was also the site of The Great Scuttle of the German High Seas Fleet after the First World War. Lord Kitchener disembarked from Scapa aboard the HMS Hampshire, headed for talks with the Tsar of Russia, before the ship was tragically sunk by a mine off Marwick Head.

In the water of Scapa lie the wrecks of the HMS Vanguard, blown apart by an explosion in 1917, and the HMS Royal Oak, sunk by Gunther Prien of U-47 in a spectacular raid at the beginning of World War Two. It is also where Italian POWs built both the spectacular Churchill causeways and the exquisite Italian chapel at Lamb Holm crafted from Nissan huts.

In Scapa, historian James Miller tells the story of this beautiful, bleak anchorage, weaving eyewitness accounts and personal experience into the larger narrative. Illustrated with archival photographs throughout, this volume captures the spirit and activity of Scapa Flow when it was the home of thousands of service personnel.