Florida Real Estate Continuing Education: the FLA.CE Program - Stephen Mettling, David Cusic & Cheryl Davis

Florida Real Estate Continuing Education: the FLA.CE Program

By Stephen Mettling, David Cusic & Cheryl Davis

  • Release Date: 2021-04-19
  • Genre: Law


Performance Programs Company’s newly minted Florida Real Estate Continuing Education Course (the “FLA.CE” Program) is a 14-hour course specifically designed for Florida real estate licensees and for their fulfillment of Florida’s real estate continuing education requirements. As such, the course carefully complies with FREC requirements and specification for content coverage, organization length, format, and final examinations.

The thrust of the course’s content is to
- provide a comprehensive yet terse review of key concepts and principles undergirding Florida brokerage and management practices
- emphasize how to develop and maintain practical yet widely-accepted standards of professional real estate practice as codified by the Realtors Code of Ethics and FREC-promulgated regulations
- highlight the more action-oriented aspects of brokerage practice as opposed to legal concepts, including risk mitigation, the basics of managing transactions, pricing property, completing contracts, financial analysis, closing, and, throughout, making conscientious and transparent disclosures.

In fulfilling these course content benchmarks, we have tried to keep the topic summaries clear, simple and relevant. Ultimately, we hope they will serve the ongoing purpose of keeping you abreast of the industry’s newest trends, developments, and new evolutions.

Important note: The FLA.CE Program needs to be purchased through an approved Florida real estate school to receive credit. Buying and completing the FLA.CE book purchased here on Amazon will NOT earn you credit. Our FLA.CE text resource is to be in used in conjunction with a school's FLA.CE course.