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  • Interesting read

    By Tori & Sydney
    It had a strong opening but did tend to jump back and forth as you got into the chapters. Sometimes hard to keep up with the chronology of events. It was a bit frenetic. And the last part tended to drag on and I was losing interest. But overall, a good read.
  • Interesting Content!

    By Sassy022663
    It’s a good story. Especially about Dirty Dancing and Dancing with the stars. The writing is choppy and it jumps around too much. I still enjoyed it.
  • One of the better hollywood memoirs

    By Elizabeth Jane
    Well written and smart and honest and she doesn’t leave out the hard stuff.
  • Loved it!

    By challenjme
    Absolutely loved it! What a great writer! Very candid, thoughtful, interesting and inspiring! Thanks to Jennifer for so eloquently sharing her story.
  • An unusually self aware & insightful celebrity tell all

    By Bluemoonmama
    Well written & interesting, with great personal details and introspection; I’ve read many celebrity autobiographies and I think this has been my favorite by far. When I came to the end I actually found myself wanting to read more.
  • Baby can write!

    By LamarinSA
    A delightful outline of an unusual life.
  • I really enjoyed this book !!! I couldn’t put it down.

    By Amy Robach
    Jennifer is very descriptive in her writing and she makes the reader feel as if you are in the same room or event with her. I highly recommend this book.