The God Engines - John Scalzi

The God Engines

By John Scalzi

  • Release Date: 2010-06-26
  • Genre: Epic
4 Score: 4 (From 126 Ratings)


Captain Ean Tephe is a man of faith, whose allegiance to his lord and to his ship is uncontested. The Bishopry Militant knows this -- and so, when it needs a ship and crew to undertake a secret, sacred mission to a hidden land, Tephe is the captain to whom the task is given.
Tephe knows from that the start that his mission will be a test of his skill as a leader of men and as a devout follower of his god. It’s what he doesn’t know that matters: to what ends his faith and his ship will ultimately be put -- and that the tests he will face will come not only from his god and the Bishopry Militant, but from another, more malevolent source entirely...
Author John Scalzi has ascended to the top ranks of modern science fiction with the best-selling, Hugo-nominated novels Old Man’s War and Zoe’s Tale. Now he tries his hand at fantasy, with a dark and different novella that takes your expectations of what fantasy is and does, and sends them tumbling. Say your prayers... and behold The God Engines.


  • War hammer

    By Person 183
    Why why warhammer of everything you could have copied why....!?!?!
  • Wow!! But, ...

    By Citizenstat
    As always, John Scalzi's writing is intense, tense, and full of promise. But, now what? Where is/are the sequel(ae)? C'mon, John! Give!!
  • Amazing!

    By Otter
    I liked "Old Man's War," but "The God Engines" is another whole level of terrific. Imaginative and engaging. Wow.
  • God Engines

    By numossbk
    Not worth the time it took to read, at .99 it would be over priced.
  • Good but short

    By Splinters75
    Very enjoyable and not typical Scalzi. I would have loved reading a much longer account of this universe
  • A fine setup

    By RickPlaysWarr
    A taste of the beginning of a very fine new universe. A glimpse and at the time when you thing you understand what is going; the rules change. Stirring and very thought provoking. It left me moved and asking the question: "what's at the top of the food chain". Read it and you will understand.
  • Better Than Expected

    By JimmyDT
    I went into this novella not really expecting much. Being a huge fan of Scalzi's sic-fi work with the Old Man's Universe novels I was nevertheless concerned he might be stepping into a genre that didn't suit his talent. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprise by The God Engines. Considering this is a novella that doesn't give the author much time to develop his universe, Scalzi packs a lot into the story. The characters are wholly different from anything the author's created before but this dark fantasy novella succeeds more so because of that. Like any good story,The God Engines left me wanting more. Let's hope Scalzi considers expanding on this very interesting universe.
  • And then what?

    By 42Books
    Abrupt ending, ultimately unsatisfying. This book could have developed into something delightful in another 400 pages. Instead it reads like the prequel to a long series.