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  • Not A Chance

    By awaz16
    I love suspense romance and enjoy authors like Suzanne Brockman and Marless Melton. Their heroes and heroines are smart and sexy and the writing is top notch. This author is not in their class. My first attempt to read one of her books and I quit reading about halfway through. Right around when the "hero" pulled from his bag of bondage toys to "control" his interaction with the heroine (who is supposed to be a strong woman). Even when she tells him what he's doing is depraved, he continues. No thank you, I like my hero's sexy and strong enough to handle a strong woman without thinking of spanking them into submission (something this guy seems to think is a turn on because he's a big bad Domme - as in S&M). I've read reviews of other books and they seem to cross over the line as well. Yuck!
  • Dangerous Games

    By Islandorchidy
    Loved this story, very steamy and exciting.
  • AMAZING!!!

    By Shalucas
    OMG...this was such a Great storyline and I Love it!!! All I have to say is, when is the next book coming out!!!
  • Dangerous Games

    By Exuberant Christine
    I loved this book. Found it very hot and suspenseful!!!!
  • Gripping story

    By Sxymdl
    I loved reading about Reno and Raven. But I loved reading about Clint and Morganna even more. Lora Leigh is a great author. I enjoy that she creates romance stories with our military men. This story was incredibly sexy and extremely gripping. I couldn't put the book down!
  • Danger!

    By Anynameyouchoose:{
    An exciting story and enough sensuality to keep you reading.
  • Dangerous Games

    By Jabjar
    Awesome stories, delicious heros. I love Lora Leigh's books. All the characters are well built, no simpering women in her stories.