The FOA Reference Guide to Premises Cabling - Jim Hayes

The FOA Reference Guide to Premises Cabling

By Jim Hayes

  • Release Date: 2010-09-08
  • Genre: Study Aids


Premises cabling has evolved from being all "Cat 5" for enterprise LANs to copper, fiber and wireless networks to support LANs, data centers, security and building management systems - practically anything that communicates in a building or campus environment. This book covers all those applications and communications media and shows how they are used together in a modern premises application. The book defines premises cabling and the jargon it uses and the networks they support. Each medium, copper, fiber and wireless, are covered in separate sections as technologies, with detailed descriptions of the components, installation processes and test requirements. A chapter on cabling system design provides direction for those who must design the installation following industry standards and codes. A final chapter focuses on overall installation practices with a focus on safety. This book is an excellent guide for the end user of premises cabling networks as well as the contractor or installer. For training, it is backed by a complete curriculum available from the FOA for teaching classes for the CPCT Certification.