Frankenstein - Mary Shelley


By Mary Shelley

  • Release Date: 2011-02-03
  • Genre: Classics
4 Score: 4 (From 628 Ratings)


Written when she was only 19, Frankenstein is Mary Shelley's most famous novel. This gothic horror classic tells the story of the brilliant but tortured scientist Victor Frankenstein and the monster he built from exhumed body parts. Often interpreted as warning against the changes that science and the industrial revolution brought upon humanity, this sorrowful retelling of the creation myth has had an unparalleled influence on literature and popular culture and has been hailed as a forerunner of modern science fiction.


  • Sucked

    By ThatGuyCookieMonster
    The movie was way better I had to read this for school but then when I learned the book was different from the movie I had to read the book and it was SOOOOOO boring. I hope someone shows this to the author so she can rewrite this
  • Good read

    By Etgan1001
    This is a great book unless you are forced to read it by your teachers like I was.
  • HATED it!

    By Hunt 2
    This book was hard to follow through with. The wiring used is not on the level to which any freshman in highs hook should read!
  • An original

    By Brodysafa
    I enjoyed and was tormented by the old english language. Quickly i mastered the style and easily fell deep into the narration. The story is a metaphor that forces you to put inperspective one's own desiresmand happiness that through selfishness may bring about your own unhappiness and distruction. Dont forget the life of simple Felix in the german cottage. Life is simple, tough and full of love
  • Amazing

    By OniDel
    This is an amazing book. I read it to show my children that reading is fun. We are still talking about it.
  • Frankinstein's Monster Not So Much So

    By RoyWagner
    An excellent story of a monster's revenge for being created and left alone to suffer a miserable life and his creator's pursuit to destroy him. The actual story in the book would make an excellent independent movie.
  • Frankenstein

    By Lovebritlit
    Frankenstein is a great classic which contains themes that can be compared to modern times.
  • Frankenstein

    By Ohmythatsshiny
    I enjoyed it.
  • Frankenstein

    By Fallentech
    At first, when I started reading, I was intimidated by the language. Thank god I continued. What fantastic artistry Mary Shelley created and It has imbued within me a love of reading I had thought lost.
  • Yo

    By :)8):)8)
    I love it