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  • This book was gripping and captivating from start to finish

    By kaykaybean13
    So many of us can relate to this authors struggle and what a decision made during a poorly chosen time would manage to do to him for the majority of his life. I first read this when he first released it and it changed my heart, mind and soul for the very best. This book has undoubtedly RESONATED with millions. Frey’s genuineness,willingness to overcome his justifications, excuses and blame he points very quickly and loaded accusations with out wanted to take on what he has created that has caused the fallout and his current situation. First honest, raw, relatable narrative of its time and it was the pioneer of the internal battles that come along with addictions and the unfortunate less than SUB PAR rehabilitations and help anyone in this situation has to intervene, heal and redirect the mind set into other productive and healthy steps needed to rebuild their lives. There’s an exact portrait of just how little is provided for those fighting this battle and it’s come to several substance abuse specialists therapists and physicians that there needs to be serious, committed and devoted passes for the patients that gives them unwavering support and encouragement to keep fighting this dilenba. There needs to be more focus on rehab places community service and volunteerism as well as therapy and holistic approaches to heal this soul from the poison that have now taken hold of their minds, chased all their support systems away due to continued relapse and it’s a subject that actually did get America and other countries taking and more supporting of those still warring against these drugs that have stolen their lives and dreams of the future.
  • Moving

    By libro libra
    This book is one that you better have hours to dedicate to when you start reading because you won’t want to put it down! I loved it!!
  • Why is this book still labeled as a memoir!!??

    By Bs sv
    I’m VERY upset. I just purchased this book after reading the free sample only to find that it is NOT a true story. I am struggling with addiction myself and it is heartbreaking that someone would make up such a hard thing to go through. Maybe I should write a book. I have actually TRUTHFULLY went through this stuff.
  • Opens the spirit

    By triborosnicotine
    I really enjoyed this book. I wish it never ended !
  • I LOVE IT!

    By Juliofrank83
    I could not but this book down! This is an in-depth look at the author;s life at a rebalititation center. There he makes friends, and recalls parts of his life. Triumph over tragedy, indeed!
  • A Million Little Pieces

    By It Actually Works !
    I love love loved this book!
  • Help me

    By Giantscorpian
    I downloaded the sample, fell in love with it, but now when I try to buy it, it says it's being modified. I been trying later for a couple of days now, idk what to do, anyone can help me please?!
  • Best book I've ever read

    By Colin 63
    I am not huge into reading but heard great review about this book. I can say with certainty that this is the most touching and interesting book I've ever read. I read the book cover to cover in 3 days. If you are contemplating reading it, know that it is very real, intense, horrific, and beautiful all at the same time. Fantastic read, great job James Frey
  • Addicts are liars and believe their own lies

    I believe the only thing that I can fault james Frey for is not standing up to his critics!! We as Addict's make up stories whether it's a little one or a big one!!! Bottom line the book was HIS book Who cares about the mobster or whatever That's his version! And who the hell is anyone to judge that!! He might have come clean and said this is my story Whether in his head or fact But guess what none of you people what have understood So really back off And to the #11 LOSER DENIAL BUDDY BACK YOUR WORDS UP WITH AN INTELLIGENT OPINION
  • My favorite

    By cheby Machan
    I found this book while trash digging with one of my old grade school friends.😂 well, when i got back home that night i started reading it,and i loved the details of how it felt not being able to have or do something you were addicted to. I really do give this a hole lot more ratings then five cause this book is just amazing. Thank you james frey for my favorite book of all time.💘😘