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  • Great read

    By Sgt Banks
    I have read all of the Killing books. My opinion this is one of the best. Left one wondering about inter circle conspiracy . I don’t believe that Booth was sneaked out to the south to live out his life. The book lead me to believe that Booth was an arrogant loud mouth wanting attention and recognition. Don’t think he could spend a lifetime not bragging about what he did.
  • Fascinating history of the end of the civil war and Lincoln

    By B0C12
    Excellent history, filled with facts I’d not heard before, and I’ve studied a lot of the civil war through out my different education years. I was a bit of a history buff. Definitely recommend it
  • Good

    By Mrjim144
    Hard to put down.
  • historical book

    By krystallink1
    i really like this book because it really helped me with my edgication and it also helped me learn some things about my family history.
  • More errors than a FOX news report

    By GVARY
    I wrote my masters thesis in college on the Lincoln assassination and so when I saw this book on the topic I was excited (and feeling nostalgic for my college days.) This book is a shame to the memory of Lincoln, and you shouldn't bother wasting your time with such rubbish. I would recommend reading a book written by a real historian and pray that journalist keep to what they know best, screwing up the current news.
  • Outstanding

    By Not Hat Guy ECW
    Very enjoyable and easy to read.
  • Pargolongago

    By Pargolongago
    This was good reading, however, a little fact checking would have been good. 30 million people did not view the train carrying Lincoln's body. The entire population of the US both North and South was only 31 million at that time. 87 soldiers did not drown searching for Booth.
  • Killing Lincoln

    By Armik B
    Great book loved it
  • Killing Lincoln

    By @Johnlucas18
    Fantastic! Bill O'Reilly knocks it out of the park. An in depth look at the assassination of our 16th President and his assassin.
  • Captivating Historical Treasure

    By Alexa Archambault
    Wow, Mr. O'Reilly's gift for writing and his vast intellect is more than present in this novel. You will never want to put it down. Everyone should read this, you will learn SO MUCH. Truly amazing.