The Postmortal - Drew Magary

The Postmortal

By Drew Magary

  • Release Date: 2011-08-30
  • Genre: Literary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 300 Ratings)


• Finalist for the Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke Awards 
The gripping first novel by Drew Magary, Deadspin columnist, GQ correspondent, and author of The Hike

"An exciting page turner. . . . Drew Magary is an excellent writer. The Postmortal is . . . even more terrifying than zombie apocalypse." — Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing

John Farrell is about to get "The Cure."
Old age can never kill him now.
The only problem is, everything else still can . . .

Imagine a near future where a cure for aging is discovered and-after much political and moral debate-made available to people worldwide. Immortality, however, comes with its own unique problems-including evil green people, government euthanasia programs, a disturbing new religious cult, and other horrors. Witty, eerie, and full of humanity, The Postmortal is an unforgettable thriller that envisions a pre-apocalyptic world so real that it is completely terrifying.


  • Great read!

    By itsMORTbxtches
    Such a great fictional story of what the future could be like!
  • Amazing book

    By Janiegrrl13
    I loved this book. It left a very vivid picture in my head that won't go away soon.
  • Thought provoking

    By Adubya65
    Great subject and Drew did a great job hitting on just about every question that popped into my head and a few I never would have thought of. Aside from a little too liberal with the metaphors I thought it was an outstanding first novel, especially considering he usually spends his days writing Drunken Hookup Failures and assorted poop related columns...
  • Loved it!

    By drewhockaday
    Great Story! Hope Drew keeps writing novels!
  • Good book

    By tortfezr
    Not what I expected from reading his deadspin stuff, but a very enjoyable read.
  • Engrossing

    By Theomen28
    It's not war and peace, but it is a very good read. Interesting ideas, strung together around some good characters. I am a huge fan of the author and feel confident that you will like the book.
  • As good as it gets

    By Barbi02
    I love a good post apocalyptic story. This book has very strong, believable characters. I love the point of view of an ordinary man while civilization crumbles. I get very tired of novels where everyone is either a victim or a bloodthirsty crazy. I always am left wondering about all of the normal people. This book answers that question. I read it in one sitting, and wish it wasn't over. Great book.
  • Couldn't put it down

    By Fifty3reefer
    I have been a fan of Drew for a couple of years from his work on Deadspin. This book does not resemble his comedic style you may be used to, but it is nevertheless an excellent read. Drew's storytelling is both engaging and entertaining. This book has several passages that will surely stay with me for a while. It is at once haunting and beautiful.
  • Fantastic

    By Uh oh Yeah
    Im a sucker for good stories, does not matter what the story line is if it's a good one, and this was by far a favorite of mine. I recommend it to the masses
  • Wow. Just... wow.

    By runfromfire
    There a lot of reasons why you may not be able to put a book down. It might be morbid curiosity or a genuine concern for what happens to the character(s) contained within. It might be that the prose flows so quickly and easily from the pages (digital or otherwise) that you find yourself saying "Just one more chapter" so many times that you suddenly realize that it's 5am and you're 3/4 of the way through the book already. Maybe the story is so weird and engrossing that you need to see where it goes so that the entire next day isn't spent dwelling on what happens on the page right after the one you ended on. Postmortal managed each and every one of those for me. From the moment I read the synopsis I knew I wanted to read it and from the moment I finished the sample pages I knew I'd read it in a single, feverish night. Well worth the money. Now I just wish I could lend it out to everyone I know in the hopes that they might get half as much out of it as I did.