Mad Dogs - Brian Hodge

Mad Dogs

By Brian Hodge

  • Release Date: 2007-10-01
  • Genre: Horror


Mad Dogs
by Brian Hodge

From Brian Hodge, the author of the highly acclaimed Wild Horses, comes his
long-awaited second crime novel, which once again finds him careening at
whiplash speeds between black humor and the pounding heart of darkness.

Actor Jamey Sheppard may not be starving, but he's definitely struggling.
His career has been one piddling role after another with names like Radical
Dude #3. Still, as he's road-tripping from Los Angeles to Arizona to reunite
with his fiancée for their wedding, the future looks brighter than gold.

Until a liquid lunch deputy turns the best day in his life into the worst.

But Jamey's no criminal. He's only played one on TV.

From the moment he's mistaken for Duncan MacGregor, the real-life renegade
he's just portrayed in a re-enactment segment on American Fugitives, Jamey's
life can never be the same. And so begins his sun-scorched odyssey through
overnight media saturation celebrity and the national fascination with

In his hideaway, Duncan MacGregor is watching, too. And he just has to meet
the guy who relived his own worst moment in front of a nationwide audience.

Within days, in a twist that even American Fugitives couldn't have seen
coming, their fates are intertwined, as they ricochet down a road filled
with the world's dumbest bounty hunters, Hollywood deal-makers and wannabes,
cops on both sides of the law, a metal-plated ex-con with a prehistoric
outlook on life, an impromptu right-wing death squad, a merciless Jay Leno,
and the most dangerous people of all when it comes to grudges and vengeance:


Staying on the run could be the best career move Jamey's ever made , if he
can just live long enough to sign on the dotted line.